You peer into the mirror, carefully lining your lips with a gentle nude and filling in with an I’m-bossy-not-flossy color that conquers minds in the boardroom. Taking a step back to admire your handiwork, you lint roller-over your left shoulder, making sure every speck of lint is off your power suit. As you give yourself the once-over to ensure every little hair is in place, your gaze drops to the lower left of the mirror and you notice a pair of bright, wide eyes.

It’s your daughter.

She’s absorbing every move you make, mimicking the lip liner and color application, the brushing off of the shoulder, and the ferocity of your power stance. Your baby girl not only loves you; she admires you. However, you know that your boardroom-ready style is too… well, too grown for her. She needs a look that is just as fierce, cute, and stylish as yours for the day she returns to school, and suitable for her age.

Well, Mom, when it comes to keeping your child looking über cute and on trend, Luster’s Pink Kids has precisely what you’re looking for! Making it easy for you to get the coolest style of the school year, we here at NaturallyCurly and Luster have teamed up to bring you this easy-to-use guide to styling your baby girl’s natural hair. Check it out and save it to your Pinterest board today:

How To Style Bantu Knots with Braids That Are Too Cool For School

It’s easy to achieve this look! Start with Pink Kids Detangling Spray to achieve perfectly detangled curls. Moving from the ends up to the roots, use a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute Pink Kids Detangling Spray through every curl, gently pulling out knots along the way.

Next, you will want to use the hydrating Pink Kids Frizz Free Curling Crème to smooth every hair strand in your child’s sectioned hair. The crème adds slip to curls, making them exceptionally easy to style into Bantu knots. You’ll also love this crème if you’re adding braid extensions to create full-looking Bantu knots”> into your child’s natural hair because it will keep her curls hydrated within the protective style.

Work in a pea-sized amount dollop of Pink Kids Curl Creation Custard for Twists & Braids along the length of your child’s baby hair. For long braids, you’ll need to add braid extensions. Whether you’re styling your sweetie’s hair into Bantu knots, braids, or any other on-point look, Much like the natural hair in the Bantu knots, you’ll want to ensure that her hair is hydrated and thoroughly moisturized in these braided extensions. The custard will definitely do just that!

How To Style Bantu Knots with Braids That Are Too Cool For School

Now that your mini-me is all dolled up and eager for the school year, we want to know: Does she absolutely love her look?

Share your stories with us in the comments section below and on our Facebook page, because we love seeing the cute hairstyles you send her off to school with.

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