Naturally Curly HairSo, you want to straighten your hair every so often to give yourself some “options?” That’s fine, but keep in mind that straightening your tresses every day to rid your hair of curls, ringlets and waves can do damage.

In the long run, excessive heat styling can damage your hair, your scalp and even your self-confidence.

Sure, there are some tools and products out there boasting their ability to straighten the kinks without the damage, but have you really tried to accept your naturally curly hair? The truth is, it doesn’t have to be a lot of work, and allowing your natural locks to show themselves can actually help you find yourself and increase your self-confidence.

Take the quiz below and find out where you stand on your natural hair confidence. Love your body, your mind and your hair, we always say.

Quick Quiz

1. Someone comments on your naturally curly hair and you say:

a. “Oh, thanks!” knowing it’s not true.

b. “Thanks,” and walk away quickly fixing and primping.

c. “Thanks! I love them too!”

2. Do you search online and in magazines for every photo of a better style for your curls and waves?

a. True

b. False

Best Answers

Answer #1: C

Let’s think back on just how many times someone has commented on how beautiful your hair is or how they would love to have naturally curly hair like yours. Now, let’s think back on how many times have you simply just let the comment go, thinking it’s not true.

Truth is, for many of us, not accepting the compliment has occurred way too many times. Those comments, though, are things to be proud of and are not to be shrugged off so quickly.

Answer #2: Trick Question!

Either way, a little research is always good. However, you do not need to be online every hour on the hour searching for the newest style that might be the curl miracle you’ve been waiting for. Embrace your curls and waves as they are now, and work with them to help boost vivacity.

The Two-Week Trial

If you’re ready to embrace what you have, or even if you’re on the fence, try a two-week trial. After all, it’s just two weeks—what harm can be done? Think of this as a two-week diet for your hair, and try products that will not damage your strands.

Begin by looking at labels. Try to avoid products that have lots of “cones,” for example dimethicone. The more of these you see, the worse off your hair will be.

For curly or kinky hair, try shea butter or coconut-infused leave-ins and styling products. For wavy hair, try using less product or lighter versions as heavy products can weight your hair down and reduce curl. A good choice is Curl Junkie’s Lite Coco Curl Crème.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve gone curly, you may want to get a new cut, or at least a trim to nurse your hair back to health. Find a stylist who knows curls and texture. Ask him or her questions about how your naturally curly hair can better frame your face and fit your lifestyle.

Next, it is time to get started! Begin on a day when you can wash and style your hair naturally. This means no straightening irons!

You may want to experiment with products for a few days, from old to new. Just make sure that your old products aren’t expired.

Style your hair with a diffuser or simply let it dry on its own. You may want to use a satin pillowcase if you’re planning on going to bed with some damp curls and waves. A satin pillowcase can help protect curl formation and prevent frizz.

Two Weeks Later

Take a look at the calendar. Has it been more than two weeks? Maybe you can extend your two-week trial to three? Sounds like transitioning may be your next step!

If, however, you’re finding the two-week trial a bit of a struggle, don’t give up! Work with different products and give yourself a chance to adjust to your naturally curly hair. Most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your curls and waves most likely look a lot better than you’re giving them credit for—allow the look to get to know you better.

After your two weeks are up, evaluate how you did. Were you too hard on yourself and your hair? Did you really give it a full two weeks? Did you listen to others and their comments? Was it really that hard?

You may want to take some time to think about how your trial went and just how much better you feel about your hair, and yourself.

Once you’re at your natural best, be sure to become aware of the comments you may start to receive. Don’t be so quick to brush them off. Embrace the kind words and take a moment to notice just how good your locks really look!


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