New Year’s Eve is around the corner. You probably already have a sequined dress and glitter shoes, but do you know what you are doing with your hair? Not to worry. I’ve created a glamorous side swept hairstyle to ring in the New Year. Plus, since it’s Editors’ Choice season here at the NaturallyCurly offices, so we are trying out all of the products on the market to choose the best of the year. As a result, I am trying out 4 different mousses to create this look. Find out my favorite one by watching the video.

To create the look, you will need a mousse, some large magnetic rollers with the clips, a dryer with hood attachment, edge control and various combs and brushes.

First part your hair in 4 workable sections. This will make it easier to detangle and space the rollers.

Then take a smaller section of hair and detangle. You want to make sure your hair is completely detangled before putting it on the roller.

Next apply a few pumps of mousse and smooth your hair on the roller, spiral rolling it in the direction of your choice. Clip it into place with the cap.

Repeat those steps for each section until all your hair is up.

Allow your hair to dry. You can air dry, but for smoother curls and a faster process, I suggest using a hair dyer with a hood attachment. The indirect diffused heat is better than just blowing drying.

Once dry, separate and fluff. Create a part at the front side of your head. Push all your hair to one side and bobby pin it. Take some edge control and smooth your edges down.

That’s it. Easy.

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