With the holiday season among us, it’s time to start thinking of some creative ways to wear your hair. Between family gatherings, work and other events on your schedule, you can certainly count on lots of pictures being taken. Get some fresh styling ideas to make sure your hair is always camera ready. These updo holiday hair styles are chic, sleek and don’t require too much time of your time. Are you ready to add a touch of whimsy to your holidays?

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Unconventional Meets Classy

Feeling a little bold this holiday season? Take a chance on this distinctive look that is sure to be a knockout at your holiday event. This French braid and pompadour combination is not your typical holiday hair style, but that’s what makes it so appealing. Stand out from the crowd and take a chance on your curls. You’ll be clamoring for pictures while rocking this style!

  1. This style tends to work best on a twist out because you’ll want lots of volume in the front and the French braid will be a bit fuller in the back. Prior to styling, add a bit of pomade like Darcy’s Botanicals Organic Coconut Butter Styling Pomade to smooth your strands.
  2. Section off the front as you will be creating the pompadour with this section.
  1. From the base of your neck start your French braid going up towards the front sectioned area. You can make this braid as loose or as tight as you like, but somewhere in the middle usually works best. Once you come to the top of your head, add a clip to keep the braid secure while you work on the pompadour.
  2. Flip the front section back as if you were putting it on a hair roller. Hold that piece, and then remove the clip from the braided section. Include the hair from the braided section under the pompadour roll and secure with a few hair pins. Add a bit more pomade to your edges if needed.
  3. Once the front and the braid are secure, you can go back and add hair pins along the sides to smooth them out.  Spritz with Darcy’s Botanicals Herbal Leave-in Conditioning Spritz or your favorite moisturizer.
  4. You can also add decorative accessories to this look to take it up one more notch. A double hair comb looks great with this style and can also help to add definition between the braid and pompadour.

Braiding upward from the back of your head can be tricky, but it does not have to be perfect. Even still, this style only takes you between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Remember to use hair pins where you need them.

Want More?

Not ready for the twist or braid out yet? No problem! DeDe can show you how to switch up your braided style!

Final Thoughts

This holiday hair style can easily be kept for a week or longer with proper maintenance. The French braid makes the back section sturdier and acts as a protective style as well. Utilizing a satin scarf will keep the edges smooth and the frizz at bay while you sleep.

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