Heading out to formal holiday parties this holiday season, but don’t want to have to take out your locs for the occasion? Running out of time and ideas? Don’t panic!

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There’s no reason your locs can’t attend a formal event with you! Don’t believe us? Take a peek, and learn how you can rock the fabulous holiday hair style this season. Hint: it’s super easy!

Get the French Braid Pony Loc Look

Locs are a classic style. They take a while to put in, but girl, do they last or do they last?

Seriously, their time-saving benefits could listed for miles, so why drop the style when a formal holiday invite comes along?

Follow these steps and yourself a classy, loc updo that is perfect for any fancy holiday event.

  1. Starting at your hair line at the top of your head, begin French braiding. For each section of the French braid, grab about four to five of the locs.
  2. To French braid, start close to the scalp, and for this style at the hairline, and separate hair into three sections containing four to five locs each. Begin braiding by crossing the strand in your right hand over to the strand in the middle. The right strand should now be in the middle. Next, cross the left strand over the middle strand. The middle strand should now be in the left hand. Continue this method down your mane, continually adding more locs as you move down.
  3. Once you reach the nape of your neck, take one of the locs and wrap it around the remaining loose locs, like you would a rubber band. Tuck the loc up underneath the braid, pulling it through a bit from above. Using a bobby pin, securely pin the loc in place.
  4. To make sure that the style is secure, shake your head back and forth to make sure that the “rubber band” loc doesn’t come loose. And you’re finished!

Over all, this holiday hair style shouldn’t take more than ten minutes, and you can be on your way, locs and all, to your next holiday bash!

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