Glamorous Wedding Hairstyle

Celebrity stylist Christo has compiled a list of 5 products to help you create romantic and glamorous wedding hairstyles that will make you shine like a star on your big day. Choosing the right products could very well be the difference between your style lasting just a few hours, or making it through the day.

1. Heat-Protection Glaze

Apply Straight Time Glaze on wet hair before using a flat iron or curling iron to ensure that your hair will remain smooth all day long.

2. Mousse

Bio Gel Mousse is a great mousse that will promote body for thinner textures. Simply mix a little with Straight Time Glaze before applying onto wet hair.

3. Shaping Spray

Simply spray Shaping Spray onto finished style and enjoy beautiful hair all day long. This product offers extreme hold without stiffness or flakes, which is why celebrities love to have it on the red carpet. Make sure to carry a 2-ounce travel size for touch-ups.

4. Finishing Product

Glamorous Wedding Hairstyle

Glow & Shine is a perfect finishing product to give you a touch of shine. This non-oil spray will only give you shine, shine, shine. Make sure to carry a 2-ounce travel size for touch-ups.

5. Pomade

Finishing Pomade is great for smoothing out flyaways and making sure that every strand is in place. Also great to share with the groom to keep his hair looking perfect, too. Simply apply to hair before using Shaping Spray and enjoy your day.

Christo has been a bridal design specialist for magazines such as “Bride & Groom,” “Get Married” and “People en Espanol” in addition to being featured on a Reelz television segment on the royal wedding.

Cozy Friedman

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