Wavy hair isn’t always the easiest to manage. Other hair types might look down to the wavy as an easy to straighten texture type that doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the curly world. But, wrong they are!

Wavy hair is just as difficult as tighter coils and as many who are on one side of the fence rather than the other often say, it could be even harder.

Heavy oils straighten out our waves, no-poos don’t do us justice and too many deep conditioning treatments can leave our hair in a desperate cry for DRIER times. And, one of the biggest wavy girl problems? Second-day hair is hard, and I mean near difficult, to achieve.

No worries, though, wavies. We’ve got you covered. When second-day hair failure has your down, look to CurlySuzy for hairstyle tips and ideas, or just look at her cool and casual wavy work ‘do that you can totally steal.

Second-Day Updo

Because second-day hair failure is almost always a result of too much frizz on the top layer, simply pull the top layer back and let your bottom, still magnificently wavy layer reign.

Achieving this look is easy, simply pull the top layer of your hair back, exposing the curls underneath and ensuring that all frizzy pieces are held back. Clip the layer you pulled back up with a jaw clip. By strategically placing the jaw clip on the underside of your top layer, you can hide the clip and create a fountain updo.

For the front pieces, be sure to leave out one or two face framing waves. If your second-day hair is too frizzy for this, try rewetting the wave and simply using your finger to enhance and recreate the curl. Do not add additional product as this will weigh the wave down.

Finish with hairspray and you are good to go! Happy styling, wavies!



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