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In the world of hair care, there is always a new trend that everyone becomes obsessed with even without proper evidence of it actually working. The matter of burning split ends away with the use of fire has become a hot topic lately. Whether you are looking to try it out for yourself or you just want to know why there is so much hype surrounding this idea, let’s take a look at the reasons you should never burn the tips of your hair.

What and why?

Stylists are using the flame from candles held close to the hair to burn off the ends to eliminate split ends. The fire is also passed over the strands to remove any splits higher up on the hair shaft. It is believed to help remove the thin hair that needs to go while allowing you to keep your length. There is also the theory that the heat opens the hair cuticle, so conditioners and other treatments can penetrate the hair shaft more easily. Started as a trend by supermodels and celebrity stylists, the burning method has gained ground because everyone wants beautiful hair and this way lets you keep your length instead of trimming it off.

Does it work?

One of the biggest reasons you should never burn the tips of your hair is that there is absolutely no research to back any of these claims up. While it may burn away split ends, we all know that heat damage is a very real thing and especially for natural hair which tends to be more vulnerable to it. It is also unsafe. Hair is flammable meaning it can burn. If the treatment is done improperly, you may end up losing your hair. Aside from the vanity concerns of losing strands to burning, it is dangerous overall since you could be more seriously injured. There is a reason they say keep hairspray away from open flames. Hair care products can be flammable so any time you put a flame near your hair (which may have leftover product in it”> you are asking for trouble.

Aside from the safety concerns, it is a long and somewhat unpleasant experience to have the treatment performed. It can take up to three hours, depending on your length and the state of your hair, and the smell of burning hair is anything but enjoyable.

If you want to take care of split ends, a trim is still the best method. The hype of burning your ends is still just hype instead of a proven method with actual benefits.

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