If there were two things that all of us knew this morning it was that the “Hunger Games” did really, REALLY well this weekend, and that “Mad Men” was AWESOME last night. The long awaited return of “Mad Men” had fans on edge, and love her or hate her, Betty keeps us coming back for more shenanigans.

Her often childish personality aside, her classic style will surely be a hit this Halloween, but with runways premiering retro style after retro style, you shouldn’t wait until October to steal Betty’s look.

“Mad Men” hair department head stylist Terrie V. Owen reveals her on-set hair how-to for achieving January Jones’ signature wavy hairstyle.

Recipe for Betty’s Wavy Hairstyle

Best for: Type 2 or 3, shoulder length hair.

  1. Part your hair on the side you want it to be and section the hair parallel to the side part in small sections. Spray with White Sands Firm Hold Liquid Texture and curl each piece towards the face. Make sure you take small sections that are neat and tidy and curl the entire head. This is an important step: clip your curl with your small clippies in place before you move to next section.

What You’ll Need

  1. With hot rollers, section pieces of hair, spray with the Thermal Styling Spray and set roller parallel to the side part. Place rollers throughout the sides and back of the whole head.
  2. Let your hair cool off a bit before you brush it out. This helps the set to last longer. Then, brush hair straight down with a good quality, natural bristle brush. I use a Mason Pearson brush. Brushes are important because a plastic vent brush doesn’t give the same effect. Brush into a smooth style and push the waves into place with some grooming crème on your fingertips and then finish with some hairspray to hold the look in place.
  3. You can also modernize this style by just using your fingers to style your hair instead of a brush and get more of a textured piecey look. But I personally love the classic smooth brushed-out look. Classics never go out of style! Who doesn’t want to look like a glamour girl?!
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