I like to create this 3rd day hairstyle whenever my curls are feeling a bit flat but aren’t too frizzy. 

Pulling your curls back into a ponytail on second or third day curls might be the easiest (and most obvious”> choice of hairstyle. However, it certainly isn’t the only option–why not try a half updo? I’ll show you how (the pictures show my actual third day curls”>:

You will need

  • 3 small hair ties

  • 5-7 bobby pins

Take a section of the curls that frame your face until your reach your ear and separate it from the rest of your curls.

You will do this on both sides of your parting line. Start with either side. Choose a bigger section if you want to create bigger braids to have more curls in the updo.

Start braiding by crossing the top section across the middle one without adding any additional curls to the braid.

Be sure to hold the braid back while braiding–this way, the braid will later on lay nicely on your curls.

Continue by crossing the lower section across the middle one–again, without adding any curls to the braid.

Add a little bit or hair the next time you cross the top section across the middle one.

Do the same each time you cross the lower section across the middle one.

Continue french braiding until all of the hair you have previously separated from the rest is within the braid.

When there are no more curls to add to the braid, finish without adding any additional curls to it. Always make sure to hold the braid into the direction it will later be in.

If you want your braid to look bigger, pull on it before securing with a small hair tie.

Be careful when pulling on it as not to cause too many short hair strands to stick out.

Fix it with a small hair tie.

Repeat steps 1 through 8 on the other side of the parting line.

Try to create two equally big braids. Then, tie them together at the back of your head with a small hair tie.

Pick up both braids and start twisting them around until both braids are interlocked.

Then hide the ends–with the hair ties–underneath the rest of the braids.

Secure the braids with some bobby pins.

I used about 7 bobby pins to make sure they don’t fall out of my updo.

You’re all done!

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Sandra is a curl loving Swiss who wants to pass her curly love on to other curlies. In 2014 she started her own blog, which is all about curls: Curly tips, curly hairstyles, curly product reviews, curly fashion and curly lifestyle.

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