Men who sport their curls aren’t without all the same trials and tribulations we natural gals go through. They too deal with finding the right products and most of all, style. Style is everything for curly men looking to mix up the classic wash&go with shape, design, and angles that work for their hair texture. Whether you’re a barber, influencer, or reader, as a curly man, it’s always important to have options that can be fun and stylish. We’ve compiled nine curly hairstyles you can rock no matter you texture or curl pattern. Throw it up, shave it down, braid it up, the possibilities are endless!

Natural Taper High Top


@mikhailsinanan shot by @mdericotte

Braided Bun


Image: @aaronjoates



Image: @grhamsnaturalcurls

Space Buns


Image: @kxdsheldyy



Image: @_cleciojunior

Messy Bun


Image: @michealscurls7

Twist out Ponytail with Fade


Image: @aaronjoates



Image: @mcdonaldterell

Samurai Bun


Image: @kxdsheldyy

Wash n’ Go


Image: @shanefonntane

The key to rocking a great hairstyle is to be confident and experiment. A little product and hair ties can truly transform any set of curls into a whole look. If you’re looking to beat the summer heat locs, dreads, or braids are great protective style always a great option to keep your curls off your neck!

Ladies, can we agree we’d like to see more curly men? Let us know in the comments. And curly men, what are your top curl concerns? Let us know so we can help answer your questions.

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