Have you wanted to try fringe bangs before?

Have you seen your favorite beauty guru rock one but didn’t want to really cut a bang–or found it too difficult to replicate? No stress here. Watch how YouTuber Shah Batal gets her faux fringe bang on with no commitment or risk for damage.


This style does not require a lot of time, so don’t worry about having to redo wash day routine when you’re ready to take it down. Create a faux fringe bang with an old twist-out on medium to long hair. If your hair is shorter, two-strand twist a few packs of braiding hair.

Pull hair from the back into a high bun or pineapple.

Divide the front shorter sections of your hair with your fingertips (or a rattail comb for more precision”>. This section will be your faux bang.

The remaining section of the hair will rest to the front. If you have longer pieces, you can simply pull them back into the pineapple or leave them forward. We’ll get to those later.

Now that you have created your bang, take those longer pieces of the hair and pin them up using bobby pins.

You have free range here with your faux fringe bang. So you can decide how long or short the bang with be.

You may choose to finger separate your hair to create a fuller bang.

Divide the hair where it naturally splits. At this point you can go back to styling the remailer of the hair by creating a loose bun or topknot.

Product Recommendations for Faux Fringe Bangs

A successful faux fringe bang depends on the products you use to maintain the definition of that twist-out.

Love curling custards? Try this super light curling custard used to tame frizz and produce defined soft curls.

This product is for the all curly girls looking for a twisting cream without the added sulfates, silicones, parabens, and drying alcohols.

If shrinkage is a problem for you, use this curl stretching cream will elongate your curls while providing a light, firm hold.

Fight dryness with this butter-cream from TGIN, which is infused with honey that will help your curls maintain moisture throughout the week.


Gabrielle Bone

Gabrielle Bone

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