Shaz’s Hair of the Day

The Products

  1. VO5 “Smoothly Does It” Mousse – “The product I used was VO5 ‘smoothly does it’ (pink”> moose. It gives a fizz free finish and enhances curls.”
  2. Comb – We recommend a wide tooth seamless comb
  3. Towel – We recommend a microfiber towel to prevent frizz

The Technique

  • Step 1. – After I wash my hair I comb it
  • Step 2. – Then I dry it a bit with a towel
  • Step 3. – Then I scrunch the mousse into my hair. It gives a very smooth finish and soft curls at the end. 

Note: this specific mousse is available to UK residents (yay if you’re a UK resident!”>. If you aren’t able to find this mousse locally, our readers voted Jane Carter Wrap and Roll as their favorite styling mousse.

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