After having a child, your life changes forever.

You learn to adapt to the ongoing changes that a new baby comes with, and you have to adapt to a new self-care routine. In the beginning, it can be non-existent but specifically for curly moms, it is important to have a few go-to hairstyles that are easy and fast to achieve. Not to mention, the added expense of a child means finding budget-friendly products is a must. Here are my secrets on what every busy curly mom needs to know.

5-Minute Hairstyle for a Curly Mom

The diaper changes, feedings, and constant soothing can make a day really fly by. It is important to have a few curly hairstyles on hand that take minutes to do. One of my favorites is a vertical double bun; it’s my go-to on old hair that has been naturally stretched over time. Plus, it keeps my hair out of reach from my son.

Curly Hair Sectioned in half

To achieve this section the center of your hair horizontally from one ear to the other. Secure the top half with a clip or hair elastic. Spritz a little water or leave-in conditioner on the bottom half and smooth the perimeters with a brush. If necessary, add edge control to tame any stragglers. Twist the bottom half upwards and secure with bobby pins midway.

twisted bun on bottom section of hair

Then release the top half, smooth with a brush and place into a ponytail. Secure with an elastic and twist into a loose bun. Use bobby pins to secure your bun and if time permits, lay down your edges with edge control.

Easy Curly Updo for Busy Moms

;”>Find Budget-Friendly Hair Products

It is still possible to have gorgeous curls without breaking the bank. Besides the assortment of different curl products at the drugstore, there are certain times of the years, sales, and coupons that can help you find affordable curl products. Some of my favorites from the drugstore are:

You can find some of the best deals online with the combination of sales, coupons and promo codes although they change constantly.

Some of my favorite tips include:

  • Looking directly at the sale section in stores and within the navigation bars online

  • Most drug stores and hair and beauty suppliers offer coupons both in-store and online. Be sure to become members if it’s offered within the store to receive mailers with coupons or sign up online to retailers to receive online coupons.

  • Your favorite popular curly bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers sometimes work with brands and receive promo codes to receive discounts. Use those to your advantage!

Online sites like offer coupon codes, cash back deals, and discounts to your favorite retailers. If you are buying online and you see an area that asks for a promo code, check the site to see if you can find a code before purchasing.

Are you a busy mom?

How do you maintain your curls when you are busy? Let us know.

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