It’s chilly out, and the best time of year to stock up on some new head scarves!

For those with long hair, this can be a great way to combat curls being blown in your face by those crazy winter winds. Shorter-haired curlies, this is also a great way for you to keep your hair protected from damage. And for everyone, headwraps offer a super-cute look thanks to the many designs available.

Where to Find the Hottest Head Scarves

Image by iStock/Juliana Nazarevska

Check out some of my favorite places to find the hottest head scarves below!

1. Kaji Headwraps

If you are more of a solid-colors woman, then Kaji’s got you! They have a full range of colors, from yellow to khaki, along with some classic patterned headscarves. This is a UK brand (international shipping available”>.

2. Knots_UK

Bright and bold? Knots UK is for you, and is another UK brand. This company specialises in African prints and a variety of fabrics.

3. Wrapqns

Wrap Queens is based in the U.S., and has a huge range of wraps to choose from with fun names, like “Bodak Yellow” and “Bruk Out”! You’ll be sure to find a wrap that fits your style. International shipping available.

4. Asodara

Headwraps, headbands, and chokers! You can get a full matching sets this fall from Asodara. They have half and full sizes in African prints. U.S.-based, but international shipping available.

5. Ceeceesclosetnyc

Headwraps, silk lined headwraps, bandanas, handbags, and more! U.S. based, and made in Nigeria. These wraps are very popular on the ‘Gram! CeeCees Closet has a large range of bright, African-print headwraps, fit for any queen! They offer gift wrapping and ship internationally.

6. Caheez

Cute satin-lined headwraps and turbans! If you are looking for different sizes/types of headwraps, both with satin protection, head to Caheez. U.S. based with international shipping.

7. Ruby Sampson

Available via NaturallyCurly SHOP, Ruby Sampson is the home of luxurious silk lined headwraps, in a range of cute patterns. US based, with internationals shipping available.

Protecting your hair doesn’t have to be a nuisance; you can do it in style with some of these headwrap designs. I hope this has given you some fashion inspo! And if you know of any other places to get cute scarves, share them with us in the comments below!

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