Girl what do you do with your hair? It's all moisturized and bouncy!" Well, let me tell you how it's done.

Next to carefully detangling my hair and purchasing the right deep-conditioner, I also mix ingredients wisely. Some curlies worry about using products with silicones and sulphates. For a good, clean scalp and hydrated strands, there are plenty of benefits from replacing harmful chemicals with certain vegetable oils, herbs and fruit extracts. The following cocktails attribute to me maintaining healthy, bouncy curls.

The problem: Thinning spots and slow growth


  • Amla-oil
  • Castor oil
  • Rosemary-Mint essential oil

This is a lot of oil for my low porosity hair, but my curls love it.

Prior to wash day, I apply the oil to my scalp and ends. Amla oil is known to promote hair growth, while castor oil gives the feeling of thicker and fuller hair. Rosemary-Mint oil promotes both the hair growth and increase of volume of the hair. After a hairdresser left my curls thinned out, I started using this cocktail and within three months, my hair regained volume. Since then, I've used the whole bottle of this stuff. 

The problem: Dryness and slow growth


My sister and I love this cocktail.

When used together, coconut oil and avocado intensely moisturize dry, parched hair. Dullness and dryness happen from of the combination of hair dye and heat (my sister uses the flat iron quite often), we had to create this deep conditioner. Before applying the deep conditioner, we remove the build-up from our hair by washing with a good shampoo, such as the Coconut & Hibiscus Shampoo. We leave the deep conditioner in our hair for at least an hour. The result? Moisturized and shiny hair.

The problem: Breakage


  • Raw honey
  • Olive oil
  • Banana

This deep conditioner smells yummy, moisturizes curly hair and diminishes breakage.

Sometimes, breakage can be caused by continuous tension on the edges. It can also be due to improper or infrequent detangling. Banana is a miracle fruit--not just for smoothies for hair, too. Bananas are rich of vitamins, proteins and antioxidants. When your hair lacks protein, it frizzes up quickly and can be difficult to handle. Raw honey pulls moisture into your beautiful curls while it softens your hair. This is the miracle ingredient that solves the problem of chronically dry hair. Olive oil improves the manageability of your while softening it at the same time.

Prior to applying this product I remove the build up from my hair by washing it with shampoo. I leave the deep-conditioner for approximately an hour into my hair before rinsing.

What are your go-to cocktails for curly hair?

I hope you will love these cocktails as much as I do! Let us know how they work out for your curls.