If you haven’t already found a 1 trick pony for your hair and beauty regimens, consider purchasing a bottle of witch hazel.

A hidden gem in the beauty industry, this all-natural plant extract provides natural benefits, treating and preventing common hair and skin issues. Here’s how you can use it in your beauty routine. Find it at your local drugstore in the same area you’ll find face wash.

1. Scalp cleanser

Witch hazel is a natural astringent, a cleanser to remove product buildup and excessive oil. This gentle cleanser great for those who want to clean their hair while maintaining a protective style. Use witch hazel in your no-poo wash day routine or to cleanse your scalp mid-week.

2. Facial toner

If you’re having trouble finding a gentle toner for your sensitive skin, use witch hazel. Witch hazel works well as a toner to help calm the skin from redness and common irritations. Using witch toner as your daily facial toner helps balance your skin’s pH balance after using harsh exfoliators and cleansers and adds a healthy glow. For best results, use it following your facial cleanser once or twice a day.

3. Under eye brightener

Sometimes our work load causes us to lose a couple of hours of sleep and we wake up with dark, puffy circles. Witch hazel helps to tighten up the skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. When using witch hazel as an under eye brightener, make sure it does not enter the eye directly–as this will cause significant dryness and discomfort.

4. Aftershave

Ever get those tiny red and itchy bumps after you shave? If so, these razors bumps are pretty common and actually caused by shaving too often or with a dull razor. Shaving with dull razors cause nicks, leading it to be more susceptible to skin irritations and infections. Heal your skin with witch hazel as it contains tannins known to alleviate and repair broken skin.

5. Acne scarring solution

We all struggle with that one blemish that just won’t go away and leaves behind a dark spot. Take on acne and add witch hazel to your skin clearing routine. Witch hazel helps to clear up and reduce the appearance of those acne causing discolorations.  Simply take a cotton swab/round and apply a small amount of witch hazel to the blemish or other dark areas.

Other topical uses for witch hazel

  • Shrink swollen veins

  • Soothes  sunburn skin

  • Heals Chafing and clears up diaper rashes

  • Eases Pain from Bug Bites and Stings

Do you use witch hazel in your beauty regimen? 

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