When it comes to hair care, there are so many natural alternatives to the numerous chemical-laden products to be found and, many are better for your health. Fellow DIY’ers, here are some natural ways to fight a common problem in the natural hair world--dandruff. (Thanks to Health Care Pro for the suggestions.)

Start with your diet         

A healthy diet is essential—and the first requirement—for not only a healthy inside, but a healthy outside. Beauty really starts from within; the more balanced your diet, the better your outward appearance. Think about it, are you really reaching your daily intake of fruits, vegetables and water? Before you turn to topical products to heal your body, work on your diet.

Demolish the problem with apple cider vinegar

Many use apple cider vinegar to clarify the hair but it has a double benefit as a dandruff treatment. Not only will it fight dandruff, it naturally conditions the hair leaving it silky and clean.

Henna is not just for hair dyeing

Generally used to dye one's hair, henna also fights dandruff. When combined with fenugreek powder, 1 cup each of black tea and apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 egg and soak for three hours, a powerful dandruff treatment is in play.

Watch: Henna Hair Tutorial

Rosemary, the powerful antifungal

Rosemary is antifungal and a very common DIY treatment for dandruff. To use as a dandruff treatment, the easiest option is rosemary oil, which you can purchase at your local farmers market or health food store, and add it to your favorite conditioner. You can also infuse the raw plant in coconut or, your favorite oil. Naturallyloriel has a helpful DIY rosemary infused oil tutorial.

Aloe Vera is not just moisturizing

If you happen to have access to a living aloe vera plant, it can be an effective dandruff treatment. To do so, take the pulp out, rub on your scalp and rinse after 2-3 minutes, once it’s fully penetrated.

Eucalyptus oil—a two in one benefit

Eucalyptus is readily available in natural food stores and farmers markets. To use as a dandruff treatment, simply place a few drops in your favorite shampoo. It helps with dry scalp and stimulates the follicles, promoting hair growth.

Bay leaves are not just for cooking

Bay leaves are great for dandruff treatment, not just for your favorite stew. This method involves steeping a handful of bay leaves in one liter of water. Let it cool and use as a hair rinse.

Many of these dandruff treatments have other benefits on top of just ridding you of those dreaded flakes. For instance, bay leaves are known to be quite regenerative to hair fibers. Of course, aloe vera is moisturizing and rosemary is soothing and healing to the scalp—which is why it’s a great option for dandruff treatment. Often times, the special rinses, hair masks and treatments we do to maintain our natural hair, have positive consequences we do not expect, that’s the case with many of these DIY dandruff remedies.