argan oil for hair

When searching for the best oil for your hair, one you are certain to run across is argan oil. This oil is not just a one trick pony–there are a multitude of beauty uses from this single product because of the benefits this oil brings!  It is high in vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Therefore, argan oil is amazing to use not just on hair, but your skin as well.

Argan oil has been considered a miracle worker for a long time in Morocco; it has since found vast popularity in hair and beauty products all around the world.

Argan oil comes from the argan nut which only grows in southwestern Morocco, the original way to gather this amazing oil is to crack the nut open between two rocks and extract the raw argan kernels that are then hand ground and cold pressed into the oil. This oil has been considered a miracle worker for a long time in Morocco and has since found its popularity in products all around the world.

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Products that use the awesome argan oil

Karen’s Body Beautiful Hold It Hair Gel W/ Argan Oil

This gel promises to define your hair and because of the argan oil they included it gives flexibility and no crunchy feeling that you get from many drying gels. A natural finish with added frizz protection make this gel a definite to take a look at if you want to try out an argan oil product.

Curl Junkie Beauticurls Argan & Olive Oil Daily Hair Conditioner

This moisturizing daily conditioner is perfect for not only your rinse out but also can be utilized as your leave in for the day because of it’s amazing ingredients. It is filled with moisturizing oils that seal without weighing your curls down.

AG Hair The Oil Extra Virgin Argan Miracle

This serum will add all the softness and shine you could want to your hair.  Because argan oil is a lightweight moisturizer this serum will not only work for thicker hair but also for those with finer hair as well!


4 reasons to use argan oil

Let’s go over some of the benefits this oil will provide you and your hair!

  1. Moisturizing to your scalp: If you want healthy hair you have to start with the scalp, many times this area gets over looked.  Rubbing a little argan oil on your scalp will add moisture and luster to your scalp and hair follicles to increase overall hair health.

  2. Great natural deep conditioner: Used alone or easily added into your favorite deep conditioner this oil will penetrate into your hair cuticle and help give it back and hold onto the moisture it wants and deserves.

  3. Perfect frizz tamer: If you’re off to a dinner right after work you may be looking for a product to refresh your hair after a full day and argan oil is the perfect go to, it will smooth down the frizz without adding weight.

  4. Awesome hair sealant: This oil is a perfect way to top off the benefits of any of your favorite products because it is lightweight enough. In addition, the vitamin E will add shine and softness to your hair’s elasticity (bounciness”>.

Next time you are thinking of adding a new oil to your product line up look no further than the super oil from the argan nut! What are your favorite ways to utilize argan oil?

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