There’s only two things that you absolutely need in hair care and one of them is shampoo. Sure, you may not use it very often, but when you do, what’s your favorite? Depending on your hair type and the thickness of your hair, you may have a shampoo must-have. And if not, here’s a consumer-choice list of the best shampoos for waves, curls and kinks.

The Shampoo Problem

Before diving into the official list, there are some disclaimers. For one thing, even if the best shampoos are rated highly or even at the top, they may not be right for you. There are hundreds of hair care brands out there and all of them have positive aspects and drawbacks. It all comes down to what’s in them and what’s right for your curls.

First, look at the ingredient list. Many drugstores and grocery stores carry brand name hair care products. These are the most accessible place to find a shampoo. Then there are professional salons and hair care stores that also carry shampoos, but they might be slightly more expensive. So what’s best?

Know Your Ingredients

The answer is a difficult one, but may best be answered by the list of ingredients. Some products, including shampoos, contain silicones that are highly debated in the hair community. A lot of professionals suggest not only avoiding silicones that can create a waxy buildup, but sulfates, TEA, MEA, sulfur, paraffin, ammonia, and other damaging ingredients as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether the product is a well-known brand name. Many highly rated major brand names contain ingredients that your hair won’t want.

Pantene Pro V, the top must-have shampoo for wavy hair, contains a waxy buildup that most women like. However, check the ingredients carefully. If it contains any sulfates (including sodium lauryl or ammonium lauryl sulfate”>, it’s probably best to avoid.

So even if it’s considered a must-have for some, always read the labels and do the research. After all, the best way to find a must-have product is by doing a little bit of homework first.

We did a little research for you though and gathered up the best shampoos based on hair type!

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