Summer is slowly coming to an end and fall will soon be here. Since the weather will be cooler that means that we have to get our curls moisturized and add extra steps in our regimens to retain moisture. Are your curls dry? Are you seeking hair growth and length? Are you interested in adding a new oil to your regimen? There may be an oil that will spark your interest. Marula oil is extracted from seeds of a marula tree. Marula oil contains many antioxidants and fatty acids. The oil is a great source of vitamin C, is lightweight, and has a subtle scent.

2 Ways to Use Marula Oil

Marula oil can be used to seal moisture in your curls. Combine this oil with your leave-in conditioner and butter (e.g. shea butter) to define your curls. This can give you the shine and definition that you have been seeking for your twist outs. In addition, this great marula cocktail can help your wash and go’s last longer. To refresh your hair in the morning, lightly spritz your hair with water, add a few drop of oil on your hand, and apply to your hair. 
Scalp oil
Marula oil can also be used to aid in scalp issues such as dry scalp, dandruff, and psoriasis. Try massaging your scalp with marula oil every other night or as a pre-poo to your wash day. Massaging your scalp circulates the blood flow to stimulate hair growth, which can aid to a healthy scalp. Incorporating marula oil in these ways can help achieve bouncy and shiny curls. 

Marula oil is a great lightweight oil to incorporate into your regimen, but please do not undermine a holistic approach for healthy hair.  A healthy diet is the foundation to bouncy and shiny curls. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and indulge in a hefty serving of fruits and vegetables. Also, try to engage in physical activity daily, it doesn’t have to be for long. All of these things can contribute to shiny and bouncy curls and marula oil is the cherry on top.