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Corn oil has been put on the back burner as far as healthy options in the kitchen and for hair care. With superior oils like olive, coconut, neem, and papaya seed oils gaining popularity, common oils get pushed to the wayside. One such oil that often gets overlooked in beauty is corn oil or often called maize oil. Corn oil is extracted from the germ (the small germinating part of the seed”> of the corn. Corn oil can be extracted numerous ways but cold pressing helps to retain the oil’s health boosting phytochemicals. This is also the most expensive method, but the oil is natural, organic, and highly beneficial. 

Benefits of corn oil

This edible oil, which is commonly used in cooking, is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids and low on saturated fat. Its vitamin E attribute makes it a strong antioxidant. Many experts love this oil because of its natural anti-cholesterol abilities. It actually lowers the LDL blood cholesterol. Corn oil has linoleic acid, which is superb as an immunostimulant and maintaining proper functioning of the heart, kidneys, liver, digestive, and reproductive systems. Just like olive oil, it reduces blood pressure post consumption in hypertensive patients.

Why corn oil is great for hair

Corn oil is not just great for our bodies, but it is superior at caring for your curly, coily, and wavy hair. It is rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, contains vitamins E and K, and full of phytosterols. What does that all add up to?

Heavy on the moisture

Corn oil helps to lock in your hair’s moisture by preventing dryness, especially on the ends. It is a natural emollient that will moisturize the scalp and hair by keeping the hair follicles hydrated and well nourished. Corn oil is also great for adding sheen to dull strands.

Improve blood flow to hair follicles

The high presence of vitamin E not only blocks the free radicals from the environment, but it also helps improve blood circulation to the hair follicles and nourish your strands. The vitamin E helps to prevent cell damage and the vitamin K helps the absorption of calcium and that aids in preventing hair loss if you a calcium deficiency.

Gain softer strands and a healthier scalp

Using corn oil as a hot oil treatment will import that perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 that controls inflammation and staves off dryness on your scalp. You gain not only a healthier scalp but also softer hair.

Great carrier oil for essential oil

Corn oil is perfect for blending with essential oils like rosemary or tea tree oil in hot oil treatments or even oil massages.

Corn oil pre-poo

Corn oil overnight conditioning is a great way to get softer and more moisturized strands.  It is also great for loosening any stubborn tangles. Apply to hair and scalp (sparingly as it can go a long way”> and cover with a plastic cap and then scarf. Shampoo and style as usual in the morning.

Add to shampoo

Simply add 1 to 2 tablespoons to a shampoo session making sure to smooth it down the length of your strands. Leave in hair for about 5 min. before washing out. Make sure to only add to the shampoo for the cleansing and not to the bottle itself.

Hot oil massage

Warm the corn oil and apply to scalp massaging in circular motions before going to bed.  Cover with a shower cap and scarf and leave overnight before washing in the morning.  Great for bringing more circulation to the scalp and will help with mild inflammations.

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