New books offers down-to-earth summer beauty tips

Bestselling author Christie Mellor is declaring war on the onset of summer psychoses. Her new book, "You Look Fine, Really, REALLY," lays out stress-free ways we can look good and feel good about ourselves. Now, just in time for the hottest days of summer, she’s sharing some DIY beauty tips with readers.

olive oil

Tip #1:

Clean your face with a mixture of olive oil and a teaspoon of sugar. It makes such a nice scrub and will make your skin feel like velvet. Follow that with a honey facial: spread a dollop of (organic, raw) honey on your face, leave it on for fifteen minutes, and rinse. Then grate some chilled cucumber into a bowl and spread that all over your nice clean face. Lie down for another ten minutes or so, preferably with your head on a towel—it's a messy proposition.

Tip #2:

Attempt to avoid the toxic chemicals that have been discovered hiding in sunscreens— try out the various mineral sunblocks out on the market, to see which ones work the best. And keep your eyes peeled for good hats. Collect them. Make the hat your friend. A wide-brimmed hat—or a cute parasol—is not only stylish, it won't sting your eyes or make your face greasy.


Tip #3:

Faux tans usually look faux for a reason; when a real person has been out in the real sun, the results are a lovely combination of colors, like a sun-kissed painting. Of course, too much sun is not good for our skin, but the uniform spraying of a tanning solution on the face and neck usually makes the wearer look oddly stained. Instead, a mixture of a bronzing powder and a blush can be used to nice effect when you want that sun-drenched look without the attendant melanoma. Just brush it on with a light hand, exactly where the sun would have kissed your face, had you been imprudently lying about in it. Your forehead, the apples of your cheeks, and the bridge of your nose are all safe bets.

Do YOU have summer beauty tips? Add them below, in the comments section, and be eligible to win one of five copies of "You Look Fine, Really, REALLY."


for a gentle exfoliating face scrub add some bi-carb soda (baking soda i believe in US?)into your regular cleanser.

I really don't recommend Vaseline. There are so many researches going on, and many of them are concluding that it has some serious toxic ingredients in it.

Great tips! Keep 'em coming!

Vaseline is also a great lip treatment. Slather some on overnight and you'll wake up to a purty pucker...!

Ooops forgot 6! silly me, 6. Eat healthy! Your skin will glow when you get a healthy dosage of scrumcious veggies&fruits!:) Foof for your Face! -Cantelope! filled with antioxidants and hydrating for your skin it will keep your skin from looking dull and dreary! -Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit! Yummm, sounds refreshing! thes fruits filled with vitamin C help your skin produce collogen that binds your cells together (aka WILL GET RID OF WRINKLES!) -feeling blue? Blue Berrys will give you that boost!It helps beat under eye-puffiness!:) -Orange foods like Pumpkin,carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. are filled with beta-carotene that can help protect your skin and eyes from sun-damage this summer!!!!!!!!!!!:DDDD Eat up LADIES! HAve A FunNN SaFe SuMmEr!!!!

Hi, :) My favorite beauty tips for summer are as follow, 1. Applying Vaseline to eyelashes before bed, this keeps your lashes moisturized and able to grow long and LAST longer without breaking of falling off, after a few weeks of doing this ive noticed less lash loss when washing off mascara:) 2. where a lip balm that will soothe, moisturize and protects lips from the sun! keeping them soft and kissable for a summer romance!;) 3. Where a leave-in-conditioner to keep your curlies from drying out! Be sure it includes an SPF to avoid Sun damage! 4. Soak Feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes, then slip on some tube socks with a generous amount of moisturizing lotion inside!:) then after use a pumus stone, ped egg.,etc to remove calluses. This will leave your feet silky soft and sandal ready!:) Be sure to only wear opened toed shoes when necessary though! they can wreak havoc on soft feet. 5. Wear light, natural makeup. Summer is about keeping it light and fresh, weather it be hair care routine, new sheets, even makeup! Let your natural beauty shine through! and let your skin breathe with as little makeup as possible this summer:) 7.Lucky 7! KEEP IT CURLY! Rock your beach waves, classic wash'n'go, or fro this summer!!!!:) nothing looks better then a natural sun-godess who is confident with what her momma gave her!;)