I'm sure you have heard of gelatin, banana, avocado, and egg being the main focus of at-home hair conditioning treatments before.

Have you used rice milk yet?

Made from milled rice and water, this starch is great for curlies with protein-sensitive strands who still desire a creamy, shine-enhancing conditioner recipe to make at home free of chemicals. Rice milk is super slippery, which makes it a naturally wonderful knot detangler. An alternative milk for those who don't drink soy, cow, or almond milk due to allergy or dietary reasons, rice milk contains a number of important nutrients like niacin, vitamin B-6, iron, copper, and magnesium. , according to LiveStrong. Rice milk does not contain lactose or cholesterol, which are found in cow's milk. Wheat germ oil has age-defying qualities, according to Bustle's Kristin Collins. It is also rich in essential vitamins that repair damaged or weakened hair.

What You Need

  • One cup of plain rice milk
  • One tablespoon wheat germ oil
  • One tablespoon amla oil 
  • 2 tablespoons of apricot, lime, or grapefruit essential oils (used in this recipe as preservatives)
  • 25% of a ripe banana


1. Purée the ingredients into a fine cream.

2. Apply the cream evenly to freshly cleansed hair, from ends to roots, finger detangling from the ends up to the roots.

3. If using as a daily conditioner, rinse out after thoroughly distributing throughout hair until water runs clear.

4. If using as a deep conditioner, keep this in your hair for 30 minutes or so and then rinse and follow-up with a cleansing conditioner.

This can be stored in a spray bottle because of its thinner consistency, making for an easy application to tangles if used as a detangler.

Have you made this? Tell us how it works for your hair!

Find the original recipe for this conditioner on Curly Demure (it has been altered for those with protein sensitive hair).