Earth Month reminds us to focus on being good to our environment — and ourselves. Part of our renewed commitment includes choosing the right beauty products that helps, without harming, the planet. Eco-friendly. Organic. Natural. (Argh!) We know the buzzwords can be confusing, leaving you to figure out for yourself what they really mean. Where can you go for helpful information to cut through the clutter? Enter the beauty bloggers, with a green twist. Several of these beauty cops have made it their mission to call out the bad guys and to help you safely get your glam on.

Here, in no particular order, we dish on a half-dozen of the most interesting and informative eco-friendly beauty bloggers.

Best Organic and Natural Skin Care

The Voice: Dr. Christine H. Farlow, who practices chiropractic and nutritional counseling in Escondido, Calif., is the author of three health and nutrition books and has been researching the safety of ingredients in beauty products since 1991.

What it covers: Detailed information about safe cosmetics, as well as exposing harmful ingredients in skin-care and hair-care products.

What's Cool: With easy-to-read blog posts, the self-described "ingredients investigator" offers helpful information and cuts through the jargon that can confuse even the savvy consumer. You can also sign up for a free e-newsletter with product reviews and ingredient safety information.

Drawbacks: Blog posts are sporadic; there may be only two posts in one month, but more than a dozen during another month.

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The Voice: A collaboration of two sisters in California who share a hip and fun, yet informative, eco-friendly point of view.

What it covers: Reviews of organic makeup, skin-, hair-, and baby-care products, as well as latest eco-news consumers can use.

What's cool: Easy-to-search blog posts based on detailed categories. Site includes a "deals & steals" section (lots of coupons!), as well as well-organized links to everything ranging from green bargain sites to ingredients you'll want to avoid in skin care.

Drawbacks: None

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Organic Makeup and Skincare

The Voice: An everyday woman who evolved into an avid researcher after her hypersensitive skin suffered from reactions to makeup and skin care products.

What it covers: Detailed reviews and brand overviews of natural cosmetics, homemade tips, and detailed consumer information.

What's cool: Delves deep into the organic world, with information that's helpful for everyone from the novice buyer to the savvy, informed shopper. The site is searchable by keyword and easy to navigate with a variety of categories to explore. The blogger even posts a "Samples and Reviews Policy," which warns marketers that she "absolutely cannot guarantee a positive review" and there will be "no strings attached."

Drawbacks: None.

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Eco-Friendly Beauty & Fashion

The Voice: Self-described fashionista Sydney Chavez, based in Seattle, Wash., who has three other blogs focused on beauty and fashion.

What it covers: Going green with style, with a strong focus on fashion.

What's cool: Good mix of the latest news in eco-friendly cosmetics, skincare and clothing, as well as green-living tips. Knowledgeable about the topics she covers, or includes supporting research when warranted.

Drawbacks: Posts are sporadic, but she has three other blogs for fellow fashionistas to flip back to, depending on your interests.

Green and Glam

The Voice: A young, work-at-home from Indiana.

What it covers: Reviews of a wide variety of eco-friendly products, from fragrances and fashion to cosmetics and cleaning supplies.

What's cool: Offers the perspective of the everyday gal, with lots of coupons and some giveaways.

Drawbacks: Not a lot of bells and whistles or extra categories. No ability to search by category or product. But she encourages readers to contact her with specific questions.

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Innocent Skin & Mother Nature

The Voice: A skin-care specialist based in the United Kingdom.

What it covers: Natural skin-care tips and advice, including what to look for and how to avoid toxins in beauty products.

What's cool: An overseas perspective. Plenty of useful, well-researched information, including links to important watchdog sites. Plus, some giveaways and recipes for homemade cleansers and more.

Drawbacks: There may be a perception of bias, since blogger also runs her own e-commerce site and promotes it on the blog. However, self-promotion is not too over the top.