Hair products and ingredients thatare just too hyped up.


In the natural community, there are products and ingredients that get a lot of shine. They are loved by one and all, but I’m here to give the unpopular opinion that they aren’t all that. Here are my top five hair product ingredients that are overrated and that you can afford to take out of your rotation entirely.

Shea Butter

I dislike shea butter. There, I said it, and it felt good! But for the life of me, I can’t get away from it. It seems to be at the top of every ingredient list and used and loved by one and all. It’s thick, sticky, and when it dissolves, becomes oily.

I don’t think I'm the only one who shares this sentiment. There are kinky haired women walking around with oily unresponsive hair, with shea butter as the culprit because they were told that it was the miracle ingredient.

However, if there was ever an argument for casting aside hair typing and focusing more on hair porosity, this is it. It took me one and half years of naturalness to realize that I’m a low porosity natural and shea butter just sits there. So if you aren’t getting results from shea, then consider something lighter like oil, regardless of how tight your kinks are.

Aloe Vera Gel

Like the aforementioned shea butter, I just don’t get the hype. I firmly subscribe to the belief that "out with the old and in with the new," which is why I don’t understand why aloe vera is still one of the most popular hair product ingredients.

It’s in just about everything, but it really just can’t hold a candle to flax seed gel. By itself, aloe just doesn’t have the hold to set styles like twist and braid outs or lay down edges. Also, if used by itself for curl defining, you would have to use an industrial sized jar to get the job done. Yet aloe continues to steal the spotlight when flax seed gel, which has hold and defines like a dream, gets no attention.


Before you skip over this one and cast it in the pile of, "This makes no darn sense," just hear me out. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t use water at all. After all, what would we wash our hair with? Instead, I think that many naturals should reduce their water usage — no more spritzing, remoisturising, midweek detangling with water, etc.

They say that the more water we add to our hair, the more moisturized it will be, but all the while we are constantly manipulating our hair. Remember that hair is weakest when wet. Also, water by itself just doesn’t do it for most curlies. If you have to add something on top to finish off the job, then why not just save yourself the trouble and moisturize well from day one and avoid walking around dripping wet throughout the week?

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I totally agree with all the comments regarding water, butter and oils. I am finding that the thick gels and butters were causing my hair to break off. Less is more on some type 4 hair and I plan to keep it as simple as possible.

I agree with everything especially the water. On the days I don't wash my hair, I use my spray bottle full of water and basically spray my whole head until it's wet. Nevertheless, it's dumb because it ends up making my hair so dry! After reading this, I am going to lessen my spray bottle use and leave my poor locks alone.

I love the curly cream from the Shea Moisture line with its coconut oil and silk protein. I have 4b hair and love to use it post wash.I think that different people's hair responds to different things and we shouldn't get so wrapped up with what other people use on their hair if it doesn't work for us. Why stay in the closet. I for one will never spend $30 on Miss Jessie's.

LUV THIS ARTICLE!!! Shea butter does nothing for my hair!!! I The Shea Moisture line sucks!! Its sticky and leaves a gummy feel to my hair. I will definitely pass on it. I have never cared for gels of any kind, so a definate pass on aloe vera jel in my hair. If I burn myself while cooking, yes; hair =NO! As far as the moisturizers, anytime I would ask someone or look it up on the net, I would never get a conclusive answer, so I pass on the moisturizers as well. Leave in condish and olive oil is what I do.

I am not entirely natural... YET. Reason being when I tried, I ended up using way too much product and going back to what worked. The simple stuff. I am a newbie, and yet I have been dealing with my curly hair since I discovered it as a teenager. My fall-back? Yes, I mix a little Aloe in with my hair gel, which I scrunch into my hair after a no-poo condition cleansing with cold rinse. But that is all I do. I tried Jojoba oil, which a straight hair beauty gave to me. HATED it!!!! I will have to try this Flax seed gel.... sounds awesome! Can it replace my non-natural hair gel completely?

I have always felt that you should find out what works for your hair. Some of these products might not work for you but work for others. No as far as putting layers of products in your hair i agree with. have heard some naturals say find out what works best for you. If you want to try something new always buy a small size and experiment with it. That is what I do and I keep it simple. I have found that my hair like the Shea Moisture Hibiscus, coconut milk line and if I don't want to use that. My hair also like the shea butter or coconut oil. I also have oils that I may or may not use, depends on what i want to use on that day. I use a spritz to refresh my hair in the morning. I also like the flax seed gel. I have learned what my hair likes and I make my own products to save even more money.

I thought this article was hilarious! I agree with it too. I don't understand why some naturals feel like they have to use 5 different products on their hair, one on top of the other to achieve good results. I cannot do that. The simpler the better!

THANK YOU! You are not alone. I agree! In addition, I think that the whole process of "going natural" as it's defined on many sites has become much more complicated, time consuming and involves way more products than are necessary....exactly the opposite of what I hoping to accomplish.

*resistant.. not resitant

I'm typing as fast as I can to be FIRST!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was feeling so all alone in the natural world. I've experienced 2 brands of shea butter and couldn't understand the hype. Figured it might have been because of my Mixed African American/Indonesian nature. I was feeling like I wasn't fitting in, bc I wasn't with the status quo. I tried Aloe Vera Gel, same feeling... I pondered aragon oil, among other oils... this article made me feel more comfortable in my natural journey. You've pretty much named the products I believe are hyped... I keep it simple with conditioner and Honey. I experiment now and then, but part of my decision to go natural was to save money- therefore I am resitant to becoming a "product-junkie".