Think about it: you wear your hair every single day and understandably, some of the best products can be quite the investment.


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I am a firm believer that we pay for the quality of ingredients inside a product along with its performance. That being said, some of the curly community’s favorites may be a bit out of our budget–but this is still not a reason we cannot buy our more prestige! Read on for our top tips for saving money on hair products.

1. Sign up for email newsletters from your favorite brands.

Often, brands run sales on their sites at least once a year. They usually let their email subscribers know before anyone else! Some brands will even offer a special one-time use code–such as 20% off–just for signing up.

2. Then…sign up for emails from your favorite curly hair site!

Perhaps this is a bit of a shameless plug, but Shop NaturallyCurly has sales a few times a year and they carry so many of our favorite brands! Be alerted first by signing up for their e-mails! Pssst… we have a sale going on right now–check it out.

3. Follow your favorite brands on social media.

This is another way brands tell their customers about the sales. On top of sales, many brands even do giveaways so you could potentially win products for free!

4. Join the NaturallyCurly CurlTalk Swap Boards

If you tried a product that didn’t work for your hair, pass it along to someone else here. You can also score some of your holy grail products that may be slightly used but still in good condition from other curlies who did not have the same luck with them. Check it out here.

5. Join the loyalty club members program.

If you’ve been eyeing that product found at Sephora and Ulta, it pays to sign up for their free loyalty reward membership. Sephora is known to have a sale between 10 and 20% off in the fall and 10% in the spring. Ulta sends out 20% coupons good on all products, including prestige brands (such as DevaCurl and Ouidad”> a few times a year. Add your favorite products to your wish list, and stock up once the sales hit.

6. Start couponing.

Speaking about Ulta, they almost always have a 20% off or $3.50 off $15 coupon floating around. If your favorite products are some drugstore brands, put these coupons to work! The sales happen to work on one popular curly holy grail, SheaMoisture.

7. Look for combo and value sets

Many brands will often group together popular products or products geared towards a hair type or specific performance. This involves a nice amount of savings, so keep an eye out, especially around the holidays.

8. Ask for products as gifts

The combo and value sets mentioned above would make excellent gifts for us curly girls (and guys!”> for any occasion from birthdays to Christmas.

9. Consider super sizes

If you know a product is your ultimate holy grail, consider getting the biggest size there is. Yes, it may be more money at once but with price break down, but from my own observations, the liter-sized bottles will usually save you money over the 8-ounce bottles.

10. Visit rebate sites

Now I’m not about to be shady and give you my personal affiliate links, that wouldn’t be cool and I know it. But certain sites such as MrRebates and Ebates will give you a percentage cash back at hundreds of online stores just by going through their websites first. It often is not a significant amount, but if you shop online a lot it adds up.

There is one warning I must mention…

I do know many curlies look to Amazon and Ebay in hopes of getting their favorites for cheap. However, counterfeit hair products are a real trouble and often the sellers are not authorized to sell these products. You may think, I scored an insanely great deal on my favorite co-wash, but there are no facts of telling what exactly is inside. With that being said, I suggest not buying off of these platforms, but if you really insist on doing so, please make sure the seller has a significant amount of excellent feedback. Check out this video which explains the Hair Product Grey Market better:

How do you save money on hair products?

Let us know in the comments!

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