Change is inevitable, and it’s a good thing!

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No one wants to be stuck with the same old routine. This is especially true for us with curly hair.

In 2018, we want innovative products formulated with wild-crafted, natural ingredients, like Sacha inchi oil, that work wonders on our beloved waves, ringlets, and coils!

sashapure new year new you 2018 SHOP NaturallyCurly game changer 2018

Get the Game Changer of 2018: Sashapure Perfectly Defining Curl Cream

Having Type 4C, or coily-kinky, hair I have often struggled with curl creams that do not detangle or define my hair strands. It is especially difficult because they also do not absorb moisturizing products quickly.

Well, my hair LOVES this curl cream! But you shouldn’t just take my word for it. There are more curlies out there that have used the 8.5 ounces of certified organic Sacha inchi oil-formulated curl cream that also LOVE it.

Read it for yourself:

  • “This is an amazing product. I love that my hair wasn’t “Crunchy”. My curls were hydrated and bouncy. This product also gives my hair lots of shine without having to use anything else with it.” -DeeDee P from Sacramento, CA
  • “This has to be the best styling cream I’ve used. Even in the brutal heat and humidity in Florida, my curls were soft and defined. Matter of fact, I’ve never had my curls THIS defined. Even if I don’t use it every day, the definition stays put. Immediate compliments on how much better my hair looks. And the scent is divine. A lot of compliments on that as well. New favorite, added to my hair routine.” -Laura from Tampa, FL
  • “Rarely am I able to achieve defined curls with a wash and go of any sort due to frizz. This product definitely defined my curls, tamed my frizz for the most part. I had to use a lot of product due to having a lot of hair but it was very lightweight and did not make my hair feel icky.” -Sheena from Tulsa, OK

See? This is the curl cream you need for 2018!

And with so many healthy hair benefits of Sacha inchi oil, you can’t afford to not have it in your regimen.

SHOP NaturallyCurly 2018 Game Changer: Sashapure Perfectly Defining Curl Cream says:

“Sacha inchi oil has many beneficial ingredients for the skin and hair. Its omega-3 fatty acids exert potent anti-inflammatory effects on the hair and scalp, reducing dryness, itch, and flaking. Its tocopherol (vitamin E”> is a potent natural antioxidant, which protects hair from environmental wear and damage. Finally, it also contains bioactive compounds such as phytosterols, carotenes, and other polyphenolic compounds that contribute to health, shine, and longevity of hair.” – New York-based dermatologist Kenneth Howe of Wexler Dermatology

sashapure jan new year new you SHOP NaturallyCurly 2018

Keep all of your curly hair care resolutions for 2018 with this award-winning game changer.

If 2018 is all about reaching higher levels of curly hair greatness, you had better get your hands on Sashapure’s Perfectly Defining Curl Cream.

What curly women will tell you about this sulfate-free curl cream is that it is so easy to use. You can apply a generous amount of the curl cream to your curl for all-day hydration, humidity barricading, and to reduce frizz. I’ve used it for my wash and go’s because it adds moisture to my hair and helps my scalp maintain its natural oils.

If you are a curly that color treats her hair, you will revel in the fact that the curl cream will not strip your bright hues and rich tones!

sashapure new year new you 2018 SHOPNaturallyCurly

Sashapure Perfectly Defining Curl Cream: the game-changing, perfect companion for your curly hair in 2018!

Just when you thought that I couldn’t praise the Sashapure’s Perfectly Defining Curl Cream enough, national beauty editors did it for me! How? They awarded this game changer the People Magazine’s Best Curl Cream for Best Drug Store Hair Products. It truly is no wonder; this stuff is the BOMB. And it can be yours today when you visit SHOP NaturallyCurly.

With so much buzz surrounding this incredible curl cream, why haven’t you put it in your curl regimen, yet? It’s time to get this award-winning, curly hair superstar in your life!

Don’t wait!

It’s time to treat yourself because it’s a #NewYearNewYou – show it off, curl friend!

Pssst! There’s more…

Later this month, you will be able to participate in a SHOP EXCLUSIVE to get a FREE, full-size sample of SASHAPURE Perfectly Defining Curl Cream, the curl cream that protects and strengthens every hair on your head, when you order your favorite curl care products. Follow us @naturallycurly and our friends @sashapurebeauty for updates!

As ever, stay curly!

You oughta know: Yes, Sashapure sponsored this post. Yes, the SHOP NaturallyCurly testimonials are real (#notsponsored”>. And, yes, I LOVE the curl cream :”>

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