A couple of months ago, I had a reality check and decided to change my lifestyle completely.
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 Being the animal lover I am, I recently decided to stop consuming meat. Stomach problems also contributed to my decision. I could share the results of my research about the meat industry with you, but that would be a very long list. Speak to any vegetarian and you will hear stories of how beneficial the lifestyle is, particularly for improving skin and hair health. In my case, that is partly true.

What going vegetarian did to my hair & skin

When I became a vegetarian, I had an outbreak of pimples (when I normally only have pimples around the time of my period). My curls lost their shine and became unmanageable every time after shampooing. It didn't matter what conditioner I applied in order to detangle my hair, it was still very brittle. At one point, I even considered cutting all my hair off.

It was not until I developed eczema on my hand that I realized that my body was lacking essential vitamins. Meat consists of proteins, vitamin B1, B6 and B12. Consuming proteins does not only contribute to great health of your hair. As soon as I realized this, I started balancing my food. I also started taking special supplements for vegans and vegetarians.

What I've noticed three months later

Three months into my vegetarianism, I started noticing an increase in hair growth. Besides, the shine in my hair returned and my curls have been more manageable. I was able to finger detangle my hair without making those ugly pain-induced facial expressions. My curls are also much more moisturized--but I tend to also link this my consumption of water throughout the day.

I am often asked: Would you recommend becoming a vegetarian?

This is a question that is difficult to answer. Some people are recommended by a specialist to change their diet because of certain intestinal and stomach diseases. I can confirm that my stomach problems have almost completely disappeared. If you want to switch to veganism or vegetarianism purely for the purposes of appearance, it might be difficult to carry on with the new changes. I recommend anyone to do fair research prior to making the switch. Nothing is impossible and as soon as you find your balance, being a vegan or vegetarian is not a choice, but part of your life.

Have you considered going vegetarian or vegan?

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Did going vegetarian affect your hair?

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