This just in:  Products that were engineered with only straighter hair structures in mind aren’t as effective when used on curly hair! Not only that, but color-treated hair has different needs than au naturel strands! Shocking! Staggering!

Iago paces angrily on Jafaar
Walt Disney Pictures/Aladdin

All sarcasm and classic 90s Disney aside, getting your curls and colors taken care of at once can be difficult; but two of the ingredients used to protect both your pigment and your style can be genuinely astounding! Seriously, when you take this seaweed:

An ocean kelp forrest

And combine it with this sugarcane:

Freshly cut Sugar cane

You get jaw-droppingly great frizz-free curls with fade resistance superpowers.

Here’s how

Seaweed extract’s gel-like nature provides gentle cleansing and conditioning power, due to not ruffling the hair cuticles, as it passes over while still taking excess dirt and oil with it as it goes. Meanwhile, sugarcane’s natural alpha hydroxyl acids moisturize the scalp for maximum hair health, while the structure of sugar itself works to provide extra “curl-memory” as you style. That means no more loss of style structure! 

The folks at ColorProof have combined these great raw materials with their hair-heavy expertise to create the TruCurl Line—a color trapping, curl popping, heat protectant system meant to give you shape, shades, and style options without you having to sacrifice any of one for the others. Basically, they’ve put seaweed and sugarcane together in the best combination of the two ingredients since quality ice creams.  And we really like our cold treats here in Austin, so I’m not saying that lightly.

Better yet, we’re giving five of you a chance to try the whole suite for yourselves!

Starting today, you’ve got until the 30th to comment below with the colors you have tried or would like to try out on your hair to have a chance at receiving:

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So let’s hear it, curlies! What’s the past, present, or future of curls look like for you color-wise? Let us know in the comments and you could win!