We asked our CurlTalkers for their biggest concerns about your curls and kinks, and they told us. The answers covered a wide range of topics, from self-image issues to finding a good stylist. Here are the ones that rose to the top of the list.

  1. Triangle Head! On a similar note, many people cited "Flat Top."
  2. Finding a stylist who understands how to work with curls. "Finding a stylist who knows how to deal with curly hair without making their curly client look like a mushroom when done. (nightmare process! I just went six years without a professional cut!)" said CurlyCassieRo.
  3. Finding Holy Grail products. "Countless people can say, 'Oh this product really worked for my hair and it'll work for you too,' but then you try this billion-dollar product and you end up with straw-hair. Believe me, it's happened to me!" says Alannah Angel.
  4. Unpredictability. "With the same routine every single day for 30 days, I can have 20 different heads of hair in a month, and maybe only half of them are good, if I'm lucky," says PrettyPorcupine. "I know you're just supposed to 'embrace' its 'unique' personality and be all 'free and easy,' but let's face it - that is just not realistic when you have to look decent for work every day, want to be sure you look good on a date or for a special event, or because you just are so fricking tired of not knowing how the hell your hair is going to look at any given time."
  5. Acceptance of curls in society and in the workplace. "Every time I pick up a magazine or see a segment on a TV show about 'how to manage your curls,' the answer is always to straighten them! It's insulting," says Tinah. "The mainstream media pushes straight hair as the only acceptable option. Just once I'd like to read an article on how to manage curly hair that actually tells me how to manage curly hair, not how to make curly hair straight. I'm pretty sure we ALL know how to make it straight! We've spent years doing it!"
  6. Second-day hair. "And maybe even third day and fourth day hair," said CurlTalker Desert Flower.
  7. Frizz! "Dealing with frizz constructively (i.e., no baseball caps or severe buns)," says PrettyMedusa.
  8. Curls in the workplace."Why should we have to worry about how to 'look professional?'" says rbb. "Why isn't the way you wear your hair everyday good enough for work? It's you!"
  9. Finding curly style options. "Most styles in mainstream beauty mags are geared towards straighties and perhaps some wavies. If it is a curly style, it is usually done on a straight head of hair, so the styling methods are different," says Redcelticccurls.
  10. Styling time. "It's hard dealing with hair if you are a frequent swimmer, runner, etc., when there's no time to do the whole routine afterward," says Rozettasone. "Some people spend half the day with wet or damp hair. By the time it's dry and looking its best, it's nearly time for bed!"