When I first went natural, I knew nothing about the difference between a protein deep conditioner and a moisturizing deep conditioner. I was only focused on moisturizing deep conditioners, because that was all that I knew. I had to have a good moisturizing deep conditioner to maintain my healthy hair. I was afraid of protein and avoided it like the plague simply because I wasn’t educated enough about using protein treatments on natural hair. I always thought that, since I had low-porosity hair, protein was not good for my hair. After constantly using moisturizing deep conditioners, I began to notice that my hair was still dry and not thriving like it should. Over time and with more research, I found that my hair lacked protein, because I was constantly using moisturizing product without incorporating products with protein. Are you confused about the difference? These are the symptoms I experience when my hair is lacking a protein-moisture balance.

Your hair feels weak & brittle

This is a major sign that you probably need to use a protein conditioner. Before I got my haircut in September, my hair was limp. It became weak, fragile, and started breaking after over moisturizing it. The lack of protein caused severely frayed ends. My hair needed a protein treatment badly. By adding protein to my regimen I brought my curls back to life and my hair has regained its body. A moisture-protein balance is essential to maintaining healthy hair and reducing damage potential.

You’re using heat

Before using heat on my hair, I make sure my hair is strong enough to withstand the thermal tools that I will use in order to straighten or blow-dry my hair. If you use a good protein deep conditioner before or after you use heat, you will notice that your hair will be in better shape than if you decide to forgo completely.

The weather is changing

When the weather changed here in Chicago, I needed to treat my hair to a protein treatment. The dry and cold weather takes a toll on my strands. I always make sure to maintain a good moisture-protein balance during the winter months to keep my hair thriving.

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How often do you alternate your deep conditioners and protein treatments?

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