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When you have a chronic scalp condition like seborrheic dermatitis, the maintenance is exhausting. Certain practices that are good for our curls and coils may not be conducive to maintaining a healthy scalp. Even styling options seem to be limited for comfort’s sake. Before I introduce anything new to my hair care regimen, I always consider whether it will be detrimental to scalp, and here are two ways my scalp limits my hair care options.  

Don't co-wash

Scalp conditions that cause excessive dandruff and an oily scalp require thorough cleansing. Co-washing with a daily conditioner or using a cleansing conditioner tends to exacerbate scalp problems. Co-washes are formulated for gentle cleansing and curl hydration, so they are not adequate for effectively removing excessive sebum and debris from the scalp that cause irritation. Shampoo is your best friend, and a clean scalp is always the end goal to reduce itchiness and stave off wash day sooner than later.

When you have textured hair and a scalp condition you become a master at finding the perfect shampoo. Lately I have been loving the Soultanicals Honey, I Shrunk the Frizz shampoo bar. My scalp is left clean and my curls do not tangle. Here are my other favorites: 5 Types of Shampoo Every Curly Girl Should Know.

Don't wear extensions or locs

Extension twists and locs are not the best styling options for those with a chronic scalp condition like seborhheic dermatitis. Unlike the small white flakes of dandruff, scales from seborrheic dermatitis tend to be larger, enveloping the root of multiple strands, making it tremendously difficult to remove without breaking your hair. Washing my hair requires that I create small sections to ensure the shampoos encompasses the entire surface of my scalp. Then, after gently scrubbing, I must create small parts for the shower stream to make direct contact with my scalp for a thorough removal. Over the years I have been able to condense my shampoo time down to 45 minutes but that alone feels ridiculous. I envy those with normal scalps. 

If this is what is takes for me to maintain a clean, healthy scalp, I can only image how challenging it would be if I wore locs or extension twists.  This process has to be done at least once a week to avoid visible flakes and reduce inflammation and irritation. I wish I had the option to wear sisterlocks or extension twists for 6-8 weeks at a time, due to my need to frequently wash my hair the style would not be as polished as I would like. Also, I don’t want to burden a hairstylist with having to remove the scales without breaking my hair, as removal would be more difficult with locs.

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