Newsflash! Curly boys have hair too!

Shock, right? While we do tend to put more emphasis on curly girl hair care, the curls of your little guy need just as much care and attention to stay healthy. While you probably already have the basics of curl care down pat, the matter of styling his curls in new, stylish ways may have you a little stumped if you're not into having his hair constantly close cropped. Here are a few great hairstyles for curly boys to give his kiddie style some fresh (adorable) attitude!

1. Two Strand Twists

For a look that is easy to do at any age, but especially easy on a toddler, this is the one to try. The look doesn't require a lot of tension which makes it ideal for boys with a sensitive scalp. Of course it doesn't hurt that this style looks great and is easy to maintain! Here's a tutorial of how to achieve this look on your little one with ease, courtesy of Natural Hair Rebel!

2. Cornroll Braids

Another look that lets you protect his strands and give them a rest from everyday manipulation, these braids are easy to install and work with almost any length from mid-range to long. When you want a more protective option for his curls while still keeping his style game up to par, this is a great go-to. Find out how to create this style thanks to Janae Denise!

3. Simple Plaits

This is one of those looks that works for both boys and girls. Easy to do and long-lasting, this protective style protects his strands from damage when they need a little break. While this look works well when dealing with a lot of hair, it can also work on mid length hair as well. Heidi Oliver created this look on her boy, and it came out wonderfully!

4. Finger Coils

When you want to give him a look that is somewhat contained without the use of braids, finger coils are a great look for any curly little guy. Best of all, they are really easy to do and can be done in a matter of minutes, making them perfect for those busy mornings when you're short on time but don't want him to be short on style! And it's not just moms that can get their fingers in kids' curls by the way. Jawun Ahmud and his adorable nephew showed us how to master this look!

5. Faded Faux Hawk

Of course, one of the best classic hairstyles for curly boys is still the fade cut. But there's nothing wrong with a remix every once in a while. This look gives a clean-cut look on the bottom to keep his hairline looking fresh while showing off his texture on top for a winning combination of edge and polish. Best of all, it works on just about any age! Here is a closer look at achieving this classic style for him thanks to professional clipper-master Dave Diggs. If you're good with some buzzers yourself, give it a shot!

What do you think curlies? Are you fired up to try any of these styles on the curly-coily boys in your life?

Tell us which ones you'd like to try out in the comments!