CURLDAZE Founder Robyn Atwater Talks Curls, Community, and Innovation

Step into the transformative journey of Robyn Atwater, the visionary behind CURLDAZE. With a background that might seem worlds apart from hair care, Robyn began her career as an Economist, delving into the intricate landscapes of national housing markets. Ingrained in her professional life, this pursuit of knowledge seamlessly transitioned into her journey.

It all started with an unexpected twist—Robyn began experiencing significant shedding and hair loss. What followed was a meticulous research journey into her condition and the world of hair care products. Discovering the need for a combination of solutions to address her concerns sparked a newfound passion for hair care.

In crafting her own hair growth oil, Robyn witnessed her hair revitalize, prompting her to share her journey on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. As she documented her experiences, a community began to form, with viewers seeking advice and sharing their struggles.

The flood of viewer questions and comments opened Robyn’s eyes to the unmet needs within the hair care industry. Determined to make a difference, she committed to fulfilling those needs. Extensive research led her to source the best ingredients, specifically tailored to nourish and strengthen natural curly hair, resulting in the birth of CURLDAZE.

Robyn’s journey, shaped by her commitment to addressing the concerns of her audience, has elevated CURLDAZE to a brand that goes beyond hair care—it’s a symbol of empowerment, strength, and beauty within the natural hair care community. Today, we sit down with Robyn to unravel the story of CURLDAZE and understand how this brand continues to play a vital role in transforming the narrative of natural hair care.

Brand Story and Ideation

CURLDAZE Founder Robyn Atwater Talks Curls, Community, and Innovation

What motivated CurlDaze to specifically focus on catering to individuals with curly hair, and how does the brand contribute to celebrating and embracing natural curls?

CURLDAZE specifically focused on curly hair because millions of other people (me included) have curly hair! In the questions and concerns people send me, I found that people struggle with styling and caring for curly hair. Hair thickness and curl pattern can make styling even more frustrating for people.

It’s so much easier to let someone else style your hair at a cost, pull it back in a bun or ponytail, get it braided, straighten it, or put on a wig. These are common options, but your natural hair care sometimes gets neglected. Hair begins to thin, break, and lose its natural luster because it lacks moisture. CURLDAZE products moisturize and protect the hair to prevent such damage.

In addition, natural hair always needs to be promoted as a sign of beauty, and CURLDAZE has given so many people that confidence. One day, I was in a group setting, celebrating something. I can’t remember what right now, but my mom introduced me to this lady who was “rocking her natural curls.”

My mom and I commented on how nice her hair looked. She told us about a product she was using and said, “All my life, all I ever wanted to do was wash my hair and go. Now I can, and I am so happy!” We asked what she was using, and she said, “CURLDAZE”.

Product Evolution

CURLDAZE Founder Robyn Atwater Talks Curls, Community, and Innovation

Can you describe the evolution of CurlDaze’s key products and highlight the unique qualities that set them apart in the market? 

During my days as an influencer, people would write in saying things like: “What’s causing my hair to break?”, “What can I use to soften my hair and make it shiny?” “I’m using this product that’s drying out my hair. Can you recommend something I can use to dry it?”

I researched what ingredients in some hair care products might cause this damage to the hair and decided not to use them in the products CURLDAZE would produce. Our products are sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free and infused with the amazing Kukui Oil, which has Vitamin A, C, and E to help promote healthier, shinier hair and repair and renew dry, damaged curls.

Innovative Ideation

CURLDAZE Founder Robyn Atwater Talks Curls, Community, and Innovation

How does CurlDaze approach the ideation process for developing new products? Are there specific considerations given to addressing diverse curl patterns and textures? 

As a researcher, I learned to pay attention to data because it provides a clear picture. Feedback from customers drives the development of new products. We emphasize that whatever the curl pattern or texture, the health of the hair will enhance its beauty. CURLDAZE listens to the people.

Community Connection

Image Source: @curldazehaircare

CurlDaze has gained prominence within the natural hair community. How does the brand actively engage with its audience, and how does community feedback shape product development? 

As mentioned in previous responses, listening and responding to our customers is crucial to our success. In addition to our marketing efforts via email campaigns and other marketing strategies, we donate samples of our products to community events.

We have issued scholarships to deserving students during college events. We donated time and money to a non-profit organization that allows anyone needing food to obtain it for free or at a very minimum price. The message is: “We CARE.” The CURLDAZE mission is to help people everywhere embrace and love their hair; one curl at a time!

Empowering through Education

CURLDAZE Founder Robyn Atwater Talks Curls, Community, and Innovation

Beyond products, how does CurlDaze contribute to educating its audience about curly hair care? Are there specific initiatives or resources to empower individuals to embrace their natural curls? 

I’ve sat on various panels with other leaders in the hair care industry, and we discussed the current status and future of the natural hair care industry. After the discussions, the audiences posed their questions and concerns, and hopefully, the knowledge we shared helped educate, enlighten, and expand the knowledge base of our communities. The goal is to expand our activity in this area of enlightenment.

Position in the Market

CURLDAZE Founder Robyn Atwater Talks Curls, Community, and Innovation
Image Source: @curldazehaircare

With many products in the natural hair care market, what sets CurlDaze apart, and how does the brand maintain its uniqueness while adapting to industry trends? 

People fuel trends. Products that purport their ability to fulfill the needs stemming from the trend pop up. As a result, poor quality products are produced, leaving people disappointed and dissatisfied, lacking hope and waiting for the next trend. CURLDAZE stays steady with quality products that promote healthy hair and sustained confidence.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Image Source: @curldazehaircare

CurlDaze has collaborated with influencers and other brands. Could you share how these collaborations contribute to the brand’s identity and connection with the natural hair community? 

Influencers and collaborations give our customers positive models that share how to nourish and design their hair in fashionable ways. Our partnerships show natural hair in all its glory. Our influencers show how beautiful natural hair is and that beauty, for our customers, strengthens confidence, pride, and assurance that their beautiful natural hair is wanted, desirable, and glorified.

Looking Ahead

Image Source: @curldaze

As the natural hair care landscape evolves, where do you see CurlDaze heading in the future? Are there upcoming products or initiatives that our audience can look forward to? 

As you have probably noticed, I’m saying “we” more than saying “I” so much. Our CURLDAZE Team is growing, and more talented people are being added to our team. They bring tremendous talent and expertise to the business and help us to educate, reach, and serve our customers better. We see CURLDAZE becoming a staple in the hair care industry, a name/brand you can trust and depend on for quality products. 

We just launched our new “GroDaze” line of products, which boost shine, strengthen, and repair. They are paraben, sulfate, and silicone-free and contain no drying alcohol.

To wrap up, what message or advice would CurlDaze like to impart to individuals on their curly hair journey, and how does the brand envision continuing to be a positive force within the natural hair community?

There may be one or two things, as humans, that we don’t like about ourselves, and hair should not be one of them. Our hair is our “glory.” Whatever grows out is what we have! We have the option to change it at will, but don’t dislike it and don’t neglect it. It is part of you; each of us is important, valuable, and beautiful. So, nourish your hair. Keep it healthy and walk like a peacock into any room, event, or celebration with pride, confidence, and “CURLS FOR DAZE”!

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