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If you are going natural with the hopes of managing “easier” hair, first you would have to define “easier.”  You can do whatever you want to your hair, but this does not mean there are no consequences. Don’t want to sleep with a satin scarf? Be prepared for potential matting and dryness. Love wearing your hair loose or out? Your curls may require more trims. It is your hair and you can do whatever you want to it, but in the event someone sold you these three lies about natural hair, I just want to curb those expectations.

Your hair grows faster

Discontinuing the use of relaxers does not make your hair grow faster or slower. Your hair is growing at the same rate. You may retain length easier because your cuticle is more intact, but your hair does not grow faster. The rate at which your hair grows is determined by genetics and your health. If your hair follicles are damaged from improper chemical application, then that would have to be addressed by a medical professional.

Virgin natural hair is naturally stronger than chemically-processed hair (relaxed or color treated”>, but this does not mean you will not experience breakage. If your hair is kinky and/or you over manipulate it, your hair is still susceptible to breakage at varying degrees depending on your regimen, which leads me to my next point.

You will never need proteins

All hair types need protein-moisture balance. This helps to ensure that the hair shaft is not too elastic or too brittle. Whether your hair survives on the little proteins formulated in leave-in conditioners or heavy treatment like Aphogee, strengthening your hair helps to reduce the amount of natural breakage and reach your hair optimal length retention.

Maybe your hair does not need an intense protein treatment, and only needs moisturizer and a few products formulated with proteins only need moisture treatments. The hydrolyzed proteins that are formulated in products are designed to temporarily repair the hair’s cuticle regardless of the time of damage that ensued.

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Don’t worry about the rain

Please stop telling newbie naturals and others that we do not have to worry about the rain. It’s a lie. Rain equals moisturized, matted hair. Not tangles but matts that if not detangled that evening, you will either be late for work the next day or big chopping. Nothing is worse than putting in hours of work at night for an awesome twist out or braid out the next day and to be left with a misshapen afro after it rains.

You know what I’m talking about. When it rains our hair expands and then shrinks into an abstract shape. Of course there is more disappointment to straightened or relaxed hair, but let’s stop telling people that we can dance in the rain with no repercussions.

What other lies were you told about going natural?