Raise your hand if you've:
  • A. Stalked more than two long hair naturals on Instagram
  • B. Declined to go out in the rain in fear of shrinkage
  • C. Frantically tracked your hair growth every other day
  • D. Seriously contemplated wearing protective styles until you've reach tailbone length.
Look, we've all been there. Did a big chop or cut a few too many inches during a transition and freaked out at the growth that seriously can't be any slower. Stop. Just, stop. Going natural is about the journey and all the little stops and discoveries along the way. You might find that you like your hair shorter. If you have shorter hair, you might find freedom in being able keep a 3 minute detangling session or cut and color your hair without the debate of loosing 6 inches. If you have longer hair, you might like the versatility of styles. Where ever you are, love where you are. My mom always told me worrying doesn't add a single day to your life. So, here are 3 reasons why you should stop worrying about hair growth.
1. Hair Growth Speed Is Pre-determined
The average person can only grow about 6 inches of hair a year. Some may grow more. Some may grow less.
2.Healthy Hair is ONLY a result of a Healthy Body
Your overall health will certainly affect your hair growth. Eating whole healthy foods and staying in shape will create fertile grounds for hair growth. If you're eating healthy and exercising you have nothing to worry about.
3. Worrying takes all the fun out
Nobody likes a negative Nancy or a worrying Whitney. Nobody.

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