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With the proliferation of how-to videos and articles many women are taking the approach of caring for their hair at home. It not only saves time and money, but also gives women control over the health of their hair and how they choose to achieve their hair goals. This empowerment is important and necessary to provide an example for the upcoming generation that they can embrace the beauty of their natural hair. Although a lot of hair care services can be done at home, there are still some things that should be done under the care of a professional stylist. Here are the top reasons you still need a stylist.

Hair cuts and trims

I know that at-home dustings have become a popular way to trim knots or weathered ends, but this practice cannot permanently take the place of a professional trim.  A stylist will use professional tools to trim away weathered ends that can lead to more breakage if not cut properly. A professional stylist also knows how to trim your hair to maintain or clean up the shape of your haircut, eliminating uneven layers. Most clients are concerned that a stylist will cut too much of their hair. If this is the case, find a stylist that you trust who will communicate with you about their cutting technique. If you need a new shape or want to clean up the one you have, you definitely need the artistic eye of a stylist. Again, it’s about trust, so ask to see a portfolio or pictures of their work if you are uncertain or feel uncomfortable.

Color application and color correction

I think some people forget that color is a chemical and can do a lot of damage to your hair if it’s not done correctly. More importantly when it is actually done incorrectly at home, the last thing you want to do is try to correct it yourself. Color can cause excessive dryness of the hair shaft and breakage. Additionally, when trying to achieve a new color, there are several factors that have to be taken into consideration to make sure the process is successful. Medications, the use of cellophanes, chemical relaxers, previous color applications, and the overall health of the hair can have a major impact on successfully achieving a new vibrant color. If you are not trained on how to identify these factors and the type of products and developers that should be used to help you safely achieve the color, then you should schedule an appointment with a professional stylist.

Transitioning to natural hair

The transition to natural hair requires some guidance and help. There is a psychological transition for some clients as they try to adjust to seeing themselves with a new textured silhouette. Additionally, there is a learning curve that must take place to understand how to take care of the hair while it is in its natural state. A professional stylist can help determine what style will suit you best. And if you are not doing the big chop, you are vulnerable to serious hair damage because of the fragile state your hair is in. Therefore, styling and maintenance strategies are important to prevent excessive breakage to the hair and preventing feelings of discouragement.

Developing a hair care regimen specific to your hair goals

There is a lot of information online about the best way to take care of your hair. It’s safe to say that the information is anecdotal which can lead you to making a lot of mistakes while trying to determine what combination of products will work best for your hair to help you achieve your hair goals. A professional stylist can provide you with a professional approach to determining the products that will work best for your hair type and also help you to establish a foundation for healthy hair. So many people online are developing regimens by trial and error, which has lead to a lot of misinformation about healthy hair care regimens. As a result, I have seen cases of women in the salon who have suffered from extremely dry hair to excessive breakage because they are following the advice of someone who has no experience beyond their own hair texture. A stylist has knowledge and experience about a variety of textures and curl patterns, in addition to product knowledge. What works for someone else may not work for you, and you can save time and your hair strands by investing in the services of a stylist you trust who can develop a personalized hair care regimen that addresses your needs.

These are some of the top reasons you still need a hairstylist. Let’s continue to place value and trust in the professionals who spend time and money investing in their education to serve the needs of consumers. We are here to serve you and assist you in achieving and maintaining healthy hair.

Kari Williams


Dr. Kari is a licensed barber, professional hair designer & stylist, natural hair care specialist, educator, hair care products consultant, board certified trichologist through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and the Founder & CEO of Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon & Trichology Clinic. She is the current President of the California Board of Barbering & Cosmetology, appointed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2013. Dr. Kari is also the Creator and Co-Founder of AnnCarol, a line of products formulated to achieve and maintain healthy hair. Her products can be purchased at

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