I, like many girls, want to rock big hair these days.

But depending on your hair type, some circumstances make it nearly impossible to have big volume. Your curls could be weighed down with product, or it can be your first day hair. Sometimes your hair’s density and porosity make for a stubborn situation, too. Here, I describe some methods that have worked for me in creating more volume in my curly hair.

1. An afro pick

This is one of the most common ways to create volume in textured hair. Some women avoid this method because they associate a comb with resulting losing definition and creating frizz. I always have a pick in my makeup bag, as this allows me to lift my roots lightly during the day. The more volume, the merrier!

2. A twist-out

Doing a twist-out on wet hair might you an experience of less volume than on dry hair. If you feel that the weather is making it impossible for you to rock your second day curls, I suggest doing a twist-out on dry hair during the night. Yes, I am often taking the weather into consideration, because here in the Netherlands it is pouring rain most of the time.

For this method, you need a Denman brush and a styling gel–I like the green Eco Styler. Divide your hair in sections and start twisting into either two or three-strands. The three-strand results in more defined curls, in my opinion. When searching for a twist-out tutorial on YouTube, try to find with a similar hair type as yours–this way, you will have better guidance.

3. A braid-out on a blowout

Oftentimes when I am rocking a blowout, I start missing my curls after a few days. I just love having different hairstyles during the week, so I usually do a braid-out on my blown out hair. I was satisfied with the results and used my Afro comb to make it bigger (and bigger”>. Remember, always apply a heat protector to your hair to avoid heat damage when using any heat styling tool.

4.  A light styling product application on a wash-and-go

If I want to enjoy my volume, I’ll apply a lightweight product after a wash-and-go. The more hair care product I apply, the more my hair will weigh down, consequently making me lose volume.

This does come with a trade off, the fewer products I apply (just a leave-in”>, the more frizz I might have throughout the day. On the other hand, the more products will leave me with more definition but less volume (leave-in, cream, jelly”>.

How do you achieve more volume? Share with me!

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Whitney Garcia-Devers

Whitney Rochette Garcia Devers is the founder of WhitneyFromTheBlog. She is a beauty & fashion blogger who loves to share her passion through Instagram, YouTube and her blog. She is a marketing and communication enthusiast, loves nature, and is a true vegetarian.

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