We have all had embarrassing hair moments. I say moments because you, like me, probably have more than one. Here are a few embarrassing natural hair moments that happen to everyone. Your first instinct may be to feel mortified, but you just have to laugh it off and take solace in the fact that you are not alone!

A magnet for leaves

Curly girls beware of large trees and falling leaves. Heck, even if they do not appear to be falling or it is not windy. I was out with co-workers and once we got back to the office and worked all afternoon, someone discovered that I have a few brown leaves just stuck in the back of my hair. Here I am, walking around the office most of the day with leaves stuck in my hair. What can I say, it is like a magnet.

It's raining bobby pins

This is one of my favorites because it happens more often than I would like. You know how it is, you do your hair, may pin portions of it back at one point or another, and then you forget about it. That is, until you are talking to someone and it falls out of your head onto the floor or to a lower portion of your hair, joy.

There's something in your hair...

Sometimes I can be a little overzealous when it comes to applying product to my hair and I do not have eyes on the back of my head so it is hard to see what I am doing. I am notorious for leaving globs of conditioner or styling product in the back of my hair. I shiver when I hear someone say, "Hey, you have some white stuff on the back of your head" as if it is some gross thing. Yes, it looks gross, but it is just hair product, thanks.

Straightened hair revolts

You are about to learn one of the reasons I do not wear my hair straight very often. My hair has a mind of its own. I truly believe it does not want to be straight, ever. As soon as I pull the flat iron or Instyler through, it reverts back to the curls/frizz right away. It is the situation I found myself in the last time I straightened my fine strands. It will look great the first half of the day and then crazy later on. 

You forgot something

There’s nothing worse than having a great twist out, thinking you look cute, only to discover later in the day—probably after getting home—that you have one or more twists that have yet to be unraveled. The first thing that came to my mind when this happened was who saw it? What did they think? They are probably thinking, why does she have two random twists in her hair, strange. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Is something burning?

Another straight hair embarrassment? I have a lot of hair and it takes a lot of heat to get it straight. I did something wrong the last time because it smelled burnt! My hair is currently at tailbone length so that is a lot of hair to smell burnt. I smelled it the day I straightened it and I am sure the guy that fancies me did too. Yeah, that happened. 

Did I miss any of your most embarrassing natural hair moments?