We love the versatility of our hair, but one thing we don't love so much is the unpredictability. You can do your failproof routine using all of your Holy Grails the same way you do every single day, and sometimes all of it decides to stop working. Or it may look fabulous on day 1, but lose all definition on day 2. You never really know what you're going to wake up with. On those days, there's a pretty high likelihood that you have felt one or all of the 5 stages of a bad hair day.

Stage 1: Denial

It'll look better once it's dry... right?

Stage 2: Shame

Just act natural, see if anyone notices...

Stage 3: Paranoia

I swear there's residue in my hair. I see dust particles. Do they see dust particles? Oh my god everyone knows I'm dusty.

Stage 4: Damage Control

Let me just spray some of this, a little oil to seal it in, if I do a bun in the front it won't be that bad... weeping

Stage 5: Acceptance

Grab this hat, and boop! I'm cute too.

Bad hair days are just a part of the natural hair journey. Can you relate?