It happens all of the time. We watch videos from our favorite hair tutorials on YouTube and incorporate those techniques and tips into our hair regimens. Some of those techniques are game changers and will always be a part of your regimen. However, some are not and it can be disappointing. Instead of being disappointing, it is best to eliminate the technique or adjust it to fit your regimen. Below are the five worst tips that I learned on YouTube.

1. Dry detangling

During the beginning of my natural hair journey, I would see one of my favorite YouTubers detangle their hair before shampooing. They would often detangle with a hair oil to prevent moisture loss. I tried this technique until I noticed this no longer worked for my hair regimen, because it caused breakage from over-manipulation, especially since I detangled again when I apply conditioner. I quickly decided to remove that from my regimen.

2. Washing my curls in the shower

I would often see curlies washing their hair in the shower. I tried this method a few times, but instead of seeing less breakage, I kept seeing my money run down the drain. I could not stop thinking about how much my water I was consuming and my water bill. I decided to wash my curls in the kitchen sink instead, which gives me better control of how much water I use.

3. Diffusing

I noticed that one of my favorite YouTubers had voluminous curls. Her secret was diffusing and I immediately decided to purchase a diffuser. This was at terrible idea! I destroyed two diffuser attachments (by melting them) and it actually caused more shrinkage than stretching. I decided to allow my curls to air-dry and use other stretching methods to elongate my curls.

4. Double-conditioning

Once, I watched a wash-day tutorial that showed a YouTuber using a daily conditioner and a deep conditioner. She would rinse out the daily conditioner and apply a deep conditioner afterwards. I thought it would work for my curls, because I was experiencing some dryness at that time. However, it did not work. It weighed my curls down and left them too soft.. I quickly learned that one conditioning session and a leave-in conditioner works better for me.

5. Not sealing

During the summer months, I felt like my hair was not thriving. It was weighed down and lacked volume. I watched a YouTube video and saw that a curly only used one styling product on her curls. I thought only using a lightweight leave-in conditioner will assist with my hair. My curls were light and bouncy, which were the results that I wanted. However, my hair was extremely dry, because I only used one product and did not seal the moisture with an oil or butter. Even though I received the results that I intended for, the overall health of my hair was not in good condition.

What are the worst tips that you learned from YouTube? Please share with the curly community.