For many, summer is synonymous with travel, but frequent flying can leave you arriving at your final destination looking less than refreshed. Seasoned traveler, beauty guru and founder of Rahua Haircare, Fabian Lliguin provides a few simple travel beauty tips for a chic landing.

  1. Use a deep cleanser and wash your face thoroughly prior to take-off. Top off with a light tinted moisturizer to keep skin looking fresh and provide light coverage.
  2. Get your hair blown out with extra body and waves before flight. During flight put your hair up and secure in place with a spiral pin. After you land let hair loose, apply Rahua Voluminous Spray all over, shake your hair run fingers through and be ready to impress.
  3. Keep skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding dehydrating salty foods, fizzy drinks and alcohol.
  4. Keep a great humidity tamer, like Rahua Conditioner on hand to smooth out any frizz along the way.
  5. Apply a light foundation right before landing to arrive fresh-faced. Then cream shimmer above cheekbones and finish with an herbal water mist to set and give a refreshed glow. Add a pop of color with a tinted lip balm or stain.

Final thoughts

So whether you’re popping on a puddle-jumper to the Vineyard or making a bi-coastal journey, these travel beauty tips will ensure that you arrive in style, whatever your destination.