Photo courtesy of Cassandra J. Klepac


True sisterhood cannot be forced, it takes time, patience, love and reciprocity. Being your sister's keeper shouldn’t feel like an unwanted responsibility, but a reflex. The beautiful thing about sisterhood is it requires no limits, no race, no class or geography. Sisterhood is a rare connection that transforms us as we mature from young girls into women sharing our struggles, experiences and learnings. Unfortunately, we learn early on as girls that other girls are our competition instead of our strength. We have the power to empower generations to come by treating other women like we want to be treated with an abundance of love, empathy and respect.

Now more than ever, we must embrace our “sisters” (biological or not) and remind them of their magic. So, I ask you, how can you support other women?

Show Up & Show Out

If your friend is hosting an event, speaking on a panel or showing her unique products at a trade show, make it a point to stop by and show your support. There’s no better feeling than looking out into the crowd and seeing familiar faces that know how hard you’ve worked to get where you’re at today. Obviously, you can’t make every event, but if you can’t go, take a moment to share with your friends who you think would be interested in going. A simple share can go a long way! 

Give Without Expectations

Make time to catch up and check in with your sisters. When is the last time you made plans to have a girls night, grab lunch or attend a workout class together? It’s important to share space with your sisters because you never know what struggles they may be battling. Ask them how their week is going and see how you can help. Sometimes we simply need a listening ear to vent to and share our struggles with, with no judgement. 

Sincerely congratulate women on their successes and understand that their success is OUR success.
Farah Muscadin

Choose Collaboration Over Competition

If you have an idea and want feedback, reach out to your sisters who you think can help and provide insight.  Often times, we feel like we can conquer the world (which we can), but we can’t do it alone. If you’re working in the same industry as someone, instead of competing, ask them to join! There is room for all us to win, let’s win together!

Take Your Power Back

It’s no secret that women hold a majority of the buying power, but are we investing in woman-owned companies? If you know someone who is making cool stuff, buy it without asking for a discount. If you can’t afford it, share their website or refer their services to your friends. It’s time we take our power back and start investing in ourselves and sisters who are doing what they love to keep the legacy of women in business going!


Be the Change You Want to See

It’s our responsibility to show our daughters, nieces, cousins and neighbors what sisterhood looks like. We hold all the power for the changes we want to see in how women treat one another. Many of us have been treated badly by nasty women, but don’t let that cycle continue. Treat her as you want to be treated. Once we can let go of our own insecurities, fears and doubts we can progress individually and collectively.

True non-competitive, unconditional support comes from loving yourself first. Once you are okay with who you are, you are able to be honest and supportive with other women without having an agenda or expecting something back in return. 
Ashton Haywood

Whether it be collaborating, listening without judgement or supporting a woman-owned business, there are many ways women can support each other! Being that March is Women’s History Month, let's celebrate the importance of sisterhood and take the opportunity to share ways we can authentically support each other, not only this month, but any given opportunity! 

There is nothing I value more than sisterhood. The type of sisterhood that is transparent, authentic and empowering. We're all fighting so many battles within that sometimes, we simply need a reminder of our magic, a shoulder to lean on, an advocate to support us when we don't have the energy to and lastly sisters that believe in our vision. Continue to conquer from within and let your light shine bright!

If we don’t help each other, who will? And if not in this time, when?

What do you do to support women in your community?