The temperatures are dropping–which means it’s time to switch up a few things when it comes to hair maintenance. Here are my top 7 tips for protecting your curls in the fall and winter months.

  1. Pre-Poo Treatment: It helps with ensuring that your hair restores the moisture that has been lost due to constant temperature changes; alternating between the cold outside and the warmth inside. Also, a pre-poo treatment restores the oils lost after washing and even helps unwind tangles!

  2. Deep Condition: I probably sound like a broken record but it is imperative in the fall and winter to maintain the moisture your dry curls will need! Two of my favorite deep conditioners are SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque and the DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Intensive Moisture Treatment.

  3. Finger Detangle: Since your curls will be extra fragile this season, use your fingers to detangle, comb, and rake in products. This will allow you to feel for knots and gently pull apart the tangles, especially with the help of a little conditioner!

  4. Avoid Wash and Go’s: If you can, wash and style your hair the day before and reactivate the products the next day with a water in a spray bottle and a little oil. After you have gotten your hair to be a bit moist, you can add a curl defining cream or product (not too much”> and by the time you are ready to hit the door, your hair will be nearly dry.

  5. LOC Method: For some, changing up the order in which they use their products is best during the colder months. Do you want the best moisture retention? Try using a leave-in conditioner first, follow with an oil, and seal with a styling cream.

  6. Avoid humectants: In the summer, you love humectants because they pull moisture from the air and draw it into your thirsty curls. But whenever you use those same products in the winter, the opposite happens. Remember, they draw the moisture from your hair and release it into the dry air.

  7. Protective Styles: This is the time when your hair is fragile and mostly prone to breakage. The best way to keep your hair strong and healthy in the winter is to hibernate your hair. Putting your hair up in a protective style will save your ends from latching onto certain fabrics and breaking! It’s also a great way to help retain length.


Speaking of retaining length…Don’t you think it would make more sense to retain the length of hair that was 100% healthy? Why not take advantage of this time to get a trim? Cutting off damaged ends will help you:

  • get better styling results
  • have less knotting
  • an easier detangling session.

Those healthy ends will furthermore be protected in the fall and winter. What are some of your favorite ways to protect your naturally curly hair in the cooler months? Share it in a comment below!


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