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Healthy hair is strong, moisturized, soft, and beautiful. Anyone can have the healthiest hair possible with little effort and a solid regimen. While many are chasing the perfect products, women with healthy hair know it takes more than the right product but a commitment to the healthy hair. The real secret is that if you have healthy hair it will look amazing regardless. Women who care about their hair from the root to the tip have healthier hair and we wanted to share some of their tips. 

1. They care for their scalp

Healthy hair does not grow out of an unhealthy scalp. Abusing the scalp by scratching, digging pins into it, and ignoring scalp irritations is the best way to harm not only the scalp but also your hair. Scalps can incur buildup just as much as hair can, so using a scalp exfoliant or a clarifying shampoo from time to time will not only remove buildup from the hair but also the scalp and ensure it is cleaned thoroughly. Remember, an unhealthy scalp can lead to thin and broken hair or a scalp ailment that can inhibit optimal hair growth.

2. They eat a healthy diet

We love taking vitamins and dumping every oil on our hair, but the best way to get them into your bodies is through consumption. Protein is the building block of hair but the best way to get it into the hair follicle is through the scalp and from inside by eating it. Half the battle for beautiful hair is won by what you put into your body. A diet rich in proteins, fatty acids, iron and zinc will help to stimulate hair follicles for optimal growth and beauty.

3. They deep condition after every wash

Curly girls love conditioners and the ones with healthy hair never skimp on them especially the deep conditioning after every wash. Women who deep condition regularly have hair that is not only healthier but also more manageable, less prone to breakage, frizz and retain length better. Some things are just worth the extra effort.

4. They avoid heat styles as much as possible

Using heat tools regularly is the quickest way to damaging your hair. Honestly, just limit your usage of heat. The more heat you use, the greater the risk for heat damage, which is not only irreversible but also unhealthy. Do not rely on the flat iron or blow-dryer for styling too often and remember there are plenty of ways to achieve heatless curls like with Curlformers and roller sets.

5. When they do use heat, they use a heat protectant

When healthy-haired women do use heat they make sure to use a heat protectant every time. No skimping on that because heat protectants surround the hair strands and keeps the heat tool from damaging the hair. Silicones are great heat protectants so finding one formulated with silicones is a great way to ensure your heat style will not damage your strands.

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6. They have a solid nighttime routine

Not everyone’s nighttime routine is the same. Some prefer a satin bonnet while others pineapple and sleep on a silk pillowcase. I prefer my trusty Loc Soc and a satin pillowcase, but the premise is the same: protecting your hair at night. That can mean retwisting, rewetting, or just tying your hair in a silk scarf but make sure you have some nighttime routine that not only keeps hair protected but easier to style the next day for second, third, or even fourth day hair.

7. They protect their hair from the sun, pool play, and clothes

They protect their hair from wetting prior to getting in the pool and keep their ends away from brushing up against your clothing. Healthy hair must be protected to stay healthy, and that goes double for your ends, which are the oldest and the most fragile.

8. They shampoo less

Less is more when it comes to shampooing or cleansing curly hair. We need those natural oils and moisture, and shampoo rids the hair of buildup, toxins, dead skin cells, and oils. Washing once a week or even less is more than enough for cleansing your hair and we all know that our hair does not need that old-fashion notion of being squeaky clean.

How do you maintain healthy hair?