August has been a month of strength, resiliency and all around athleticism in the naturally curly hair community. As the month comes to a close and we look forward to September, check out some of the top stories featuring curly haired women.  

Gabby Douglas still slays, Twitter trolls and all.

As if competing wasn't stressful enough, here come the hair police clowning Gabby Douglas about her edges. Well, here at NaturallyCurly, we praise your resilience, Gabby. Keep flying high.

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Hot off the press is a new magazine dedicated to Natural Hair.

CRWN, set to release its first publication on August 27th at Afropunk Fest, is yet another source of the natural hair community. Cheers to empowering each other--one coil at a time. 

Riri Williams of Marvel Comics has decided on a name for the fro-tastic superheroine.

She will be called Iron Heart. We can't wait for this to come out so we can snatch it up.

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New momma Teyana Taylor and her adorable daughter Iman Tayla are debuting their headwrap line just for babies.

BRB, #swooning. (Oh yeah, baby Junie has her own Instagram page now, too.)

Frank Ocean re-emerges with Blond and Endless.

Y'all. After what felt like about forty years of waiting, Frank Ocean finally released his highly anticipated album, Blond in addition to a visual album, Endless--giving us not just one, but TWO more reasons to continue to fall in love with him. We forgive you, Frank.

2016 Rio Olympics had a curly girl breakout star.

None other than gymnast Lauri Hernandez wore her beautiful curls, which managed to stay intact and frizz-free during those insane tumbles. Lauri, please tell us. What is your Holy Grail product, girl? The people want to know!
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Zendaya Coleman, continues to break barriers for young women of color.

Everyone's favorite Girl Next Door has been cast as the first black Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming Spiderman movie. Ahh, #proudBlackGirl moment.

Refinery29 loves curly naturals just as much as we do.

Peep these famous women with their natural hair. All of these curls are so gorgeous!

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