I can remember when I first saw my new growth after transitioning for a few months. I was so in love with my texture and couldn’t believe that my hair could curl. I had a relaxer most of my life, so curly hair was new to me. I didn’t remember what my natural hair pattern looked like, and I only had memories from pictures when I was younger. When I transitioned and finally cut the remaining relaxer from my ends, I felt so liberated. I learned to love my curls and embrace my hair just the way it grows from my scalp. Here are some reasons why I love my natural hair.


I love that I can rock my curls one day, straighten it the next, and then switch it up with a protective style. I can go several weeks without repeating the same hairstyle. From twist-outs, braids, perm rod sets, updos, and buns, I have rocked my hair many ways. You don't have to stop with the hairstyles either. You can jazz up your hair with turbans, hair jewelry, and so much more.


Most curly girls don't like shrinkage, but I embrace it. It always tickles me when people think that my hair is short, and once I pull a curl out their eyes get big! Shrinkage is real and deceptive at the same time.

Saves me money

Now that I am not paying for an expensive relaxer, I can save money. I visit my stylist about three times a year and spend less money at the salon than I did while my hair was relaxed.

My hair is healthier  

I can say that when my hair was relaxed, it was not as healthy as it is in its natural state. My hair was always brittle and breaking off while relaxed. Now that I am natural, I notice that my hair is much healthier and does not break off like it did when I had a relaxer.

I don’t have to fear the rain

When I was relaxed, I was so afraid of the rain, because if any molecule of water touched my relaxed hair, it would fall flat and not look as sleek. Now that I love water, I embrace the the volume that comes with moisture!

I can rock big hair

I love wearing my curls out and in a big curly fro. It’s something about letting your curls loose that makes my heart happy. I love embracing my natural hair texture. The bigger, the better for me.

Inspire other women

Inspiring other women through my blog is an amazing thing. I never thought that sharing my experience with my natural hair would help others. I love helping others who may be on their natural hair journey or who may want to go natural. Since I have been natural, I have inspired over five women in my family to go natural.


Having natural hair pushes me to be confident. When my hair is cute, you can't tell me anything!

Make curlfriends

I also love my natural hair, because it has allowed me to meet and connect with other naturals. I have fostered genuine relationships with my curlfriends.

What do you love about your natural hair? 

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