Let’s face it. We’re in the year of “it’s LIT being black”, and still non-black cultures expect us to be ashamed of our natural hair textures.

disappointed man gif

Not happening.

Foxxy Cleopatra Austin Powers Beyonce

We’re in a natural hair revolution and the narrative of kinky hair stories has shifted to a new dynamic. We’re unapologetic about it.

#AfrosBreakTheInternet is a collection of glorious natural hair pics from people of color unafraid to rock their hair in its natural state. Twist out goals, growth stories and an all around affirmation of pride.


And ye shall receive.

The beautiful textures graced our timelines.

Yes, we celebrate natural hair anniversaries.

Coming through with the shrinkage receipts.

Equal opportunity to shine for men as well.

How it feels scrolling through the hashtag.

But don’t inquire about how we arrived at this point.

Pardon me guys, I’m having some serious fro envy right now. This is beauty.

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