We were pleasantly surprised to find that Camille’s glorious curls were achieved with just two products! Granted, those two products happen to be some of our readers’ absolute favorites so it makes total sense. We have to agree with Camille that air drying is always the best policy, but when you want to save time and add volume we can always count on a trusty diffuser. 

Thanks for sharing your hair of the day Camille!

My routine for this day was to air dry my hair out of the shower till it was just a little damp.

Step 1.

I applied SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to all my hair.

Step 2.

Then just focusing on my tips & hairline roots I applied a small amount  SheaMoisture Curly Soufflé.

  • Hot tip: The soufflé applies more evenly when I apply it by I put a small amount in my hands then run some water into them while I rub it together. It applies more evenly this way & gives more of a wet look”>.

Step 3. 

Optional: If I want to add volume I use my diffuser.

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